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Coronavirus: Prayer for God’s Intervention & Protection — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for your prayers.  I was very anxious today, and because I had chills, and sweating, as well as coughing, I went to a clinic in my county.  Almost as soon as a nurse asked me about a local hospital I had visited two weeks ago with my dad, the nurse said you are safe, last night someone was admitted to that hospital with the coronavirus.  I am on disability and medicine for several different things.  I supplement my disabilty with teaching piano to a few students.  The local media coverage is upsetting my Christian friends also.  Fortunately the medical tech told me I only had a cold virus, and that my asthma had worsened.  So yes, it is also affecting my ability to teach, too.  Thank you for posting this word.  It was helpful

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