Correction Is NOT Judgement! — 2 Comments

  1. Many believers think, they are changed INTO HIS LIKDENESS, because they have THE SPIRITUAL GIFTS Like Prophecy, Healing and so on.

    But when they have never (constant) practised self-denying the will of the old self, they are deceiving themselves. They have not the mind of Christ!

    Therefore it is so like written above:
    We are seeing this so much right now, that people with unregenerate minds, are saying that we who speak the truth in love are evil, are judgmental people!

  2. I just want to say thank You Father, for all Your Graces and Mercy, for loving us so much that You gave Your only son for us. And still you are calling us back , irrespective of our disobedience. I would like to say I am happy and proud to see that God is doing His work as promised. Forgiving us and showing us His Word physical in the these days, where ther is so much sin and turmoil. Thank You Father, thank You Jesus and God bless and guide all those who are hungry and thirsty for Your word, work and doing good for Your Kingdom’s sake. Amen, amen alleluia. Harriet

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