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Dealing With the LORD’s Solitude — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you sister Barbara. I love you too.May the Lord keep you and bless you. Have a wonderful festive season. God bless you. AMEN

  2. Sis Barbara,
    I am Awed at this Prophetic Word! I just asked Yah for Confirmation ….,

    and your Words are Truly His Answer to my Prayer !  How AWESOME Our Great Father is . O Ruach HaKodesh You are just a Breath away Indeed.

    Bless you Sis Barbara, for your Faithfulness!

  3. Oh sister… I pray that my response does NOT offend you and that you do NOT see an attack where there is no attack. It’s a response to your public words here and today.
    You write “I love you” under an article of “I blocked this number, I blocked also this one, and even this one”. It sounds like: ‘And when I come back in higher elevation… then I show you who I am’…
    THE LORD gives me boldness to respond to you, though I could be the next who gets this “get out of my way, I am holier than you”.
    We are all still on earth. THE LORD is in heaven. Such a “Love” without kind reactions or just a little friendly answering to a phone call is very obvious no love. At least you can tell them that you are busy and you need rest. Day by day I get a phone call from a beggar. I sent money to her and her kids. I brought food and clothes when I visited them. A few days later she called again for money, though my income is only at existence minimum. My only luxury is this new cell phone, and I pay it monthly in rates with the phone bill. Sister Barbara, I know, some are suckers, some are Jezebels. But please, do not cast anybody out. For JESUS Himself said, HE does not cast anybody out who comes to Him. So should WE never block people. We have a mouth to speak. We are able to speak truth, but with all care and wisdom. Please think about it. Maybe 1 person had on his or her heart to tell you something from the LORD. Or wanted just to greet you. OH LORD, have mercy on your children !

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