Deeds of Darkness


It was never meant to imply that the spirit of man cannot be far-reaching and powerful of its own.  We are going to live forever; somewhere.

Modern science has taught that humans use far less of their capabilities than what is actually possible.  Our body, is a finely tuned instrument, unlike anything else on this earth.  Scientists cannot make what God created; they wished they could.  There was a reason that mankind chose to erect a tower that was to reach into the heavens.  The first thing that the serpent deceived those two of, was that they were equal to God.

The mind is an intricate creation, all it’s own.  What this instrument can do, can’t really be expressed in men’s terms.  Each person has much in common with other humans; but yet, each one is also completely different.

The truth is, we don’t even know what this part of us, is capable of doing.  It can do much good; but, it can also do much evil.  I heard a lady testifying in church many years ago as a young lad.  She started a comment with, “If I know my heart….”  It was actually a term often used back then.  As I learned and grew, I was to realize that she didn’t; and neither do we.  Only God knows that.

Getting right to the point, I am often shaken by some of the things that we saw people do, down through the years.  What happened in many of our assembles, especially with those who said that they had the Holy Ghost, is astounding even now.  Sometimes, you are going to be a bit honest about some things.

Along the track, many of us have ended up doing things we never dreamed we would do.  We did not set out to do it; as far as we knew, and it was never our intention; or so we thought.   We don’t need to start calling out things others have done; we’ve all come short, and none of us are good.

I’m not sure why more focus was not placed on what is written in the Word about, “the works of the flesh.”  One thing is certain, they are the exact opposite, of the fruit of the Spirit.

Another thing we don’t talk too much about, is that our Creator, Father God, gave each of us a choice.  Those choices, have cost many of us a great deal; if we admit that or not.  There was a time, when the Ark was built, that evil was so prevalent and wickedness abounded so heavily, that our Creator, wanted to drown us all.  And He almost did.  It seems that we have forgotten, that as it was then, it is even more so now.

Murder, is a work of the flesh.  So is witchcraft.  It is immortal spirits of men and women, that choose to do such things.  Another one, is covetousness.  Strange how we didn’t hear many sermons on this work either; we think we know what it is.

One definition, says that it is Greed: which is defined as an excessive desire to acquire or possess, more than one deserves.  And then there’s envy.  It’s a bit odd, that this is one topic that most don’t talk about; even though, the apostles did.  Look it up; Paul wrote about it.  James, said quite forcefully, “For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and, every evil work.”  Envy is rotten; caustic, destructive and pure evil.

Emulations.  Perhaps we can wonder, why some of these works were not researched more; why we didn’t look up what they really meant?  This one means: to attempt to equal or surpass, to rival or compete with; especially by imitation.

And seditons: causing these divisions, inciting others against the true authority.

Another of its characteristics, is “factions.”

The apostles taught against this.  Paul even withstood Peter to the face, for participating in such a thing.  Jealousy, the cruelest thing we know, is a work of the flesh.  It’s all about people; how wicked and hateful, they can be to one another.

No matter whether it is some dictator, some religious ruler or one of those who have so much control over the world.  We need to see this; they cannot do all of this by themselves; not as one person.  It is completely necessary, that they have others to support and help them.

The most cruelest leaders of destruction, can do nothing by themselves.  It takes other humans, giving in to the flesh, to help them.  The scripture says, that we are to lay aside, all of these deeds, these works of evil; and don’t participate or be a part of it, or those who do.

All of these obstructions to the work of the Spirit we see among us and in many of our churches, are all works of men.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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