Deeply Rooted Issues of Survival


People are afraid to trust anyone due to tremendous trauma and wounded hearts.

To cope with unresolved wounds, many times we build a type of castle around our heart and soul to protect and cover our gaping wounds.

People may not see these wounds we carry, but they are just as real like they happened yesterday!  In many cases, some may have happened over 20 years ago.

To cope with unresolved issues, a person can become very good at hiding behind our own handmade walls as coping mechanisms.

We carry our chains link by link, made by those lies we believed that weigh us down.  For some of you have lived with the lies a long time and have learned to adjust the yokes and bondage to cope.  We have learned that this is how life really is and we accept the reality of the bondage we carry.

Over the years we have resigned our condition as part of our life and products of our mistakes and sin. These can manifest in our physical body in the forms of afflictions and addictions.

God is the only one who knows, and when we are ready for deeper healing.  We may even think we have actually overcome those wounds, only to find out later in life that old hurts and wounds surface and we face issues from many years ago again.

We become bitter against our own self and shame makes it feel like a big chapter in our life has reopened.

In our shame, guilt and condemnation those issues surface and become agitated and scars can become inflamed and infected because God knows he must go to the root.

We must learn to trust the LORD and allow Him to address such issues that have crippled us.  These things have manifested over the years in our body, soul and the ruined relationships.

There was an event in our life that caused us to leave.  There are those whom you loved, through no fault of your own were scattered and littered along side the road of life.

Self hatred, self blame and disgust abide as we don the mask and hide while our soul and physical body weeps bitterly.

Jesus is our beloved, trust him.  He knows when we are ready for such hidden things to surface.

If God brings a private revelation through a trustworthy person, we know the spirit of the prophet and when God reveals our heart issues, the person will know portions of your life by revelation.  These are seasoned saints and he wants us to trust Him.

If things are revealed that suddenly make you feel afraid or intimidated, most of the time we avoid those at all cost unless, God intercepts us with that illumination through another seasoned believer. If God has set you up.

Why?  It is because He loves us so much and it is his set time.  You and I are in his plan and made for such a time as this!

When we are properly understood through God, and we realize these deliverers are sent by God just for us, we can approach them and not fear. God has a set time for us.  He sends the right person or people who understand the process and those who are trustworthy to God and your privacy.

Many are shocked that the wound surfaced, thinking it had been resolved years ago.  Some of those who struggle with all sorts of pain, emotional and physical trauma have learned to internalize all the pain and press it down in process deep in our soul . Only God knows the depth of soul.

You have had a brave face for years thinking you can just live with the scars.  However when we are but on God’s agenda, he can see that you are afraid and want to hide because you cannot handle the pain or trust anyone.

I believe this statement; That anger turned inward causes depression.  You have a wonderful beautiful life, yet there are things than are internalized that cannot be reconciled, no matter how hard you have tried.

People get tired of praying the same old prayer over you because they are not the person God has sent.

It is wisdom to keep your circle tight and connected with those God has brought into your life.  These truly love you and will keep your confidence and not judge you.

If we prematurely move into a place that hasn’t been prepared by God in advance, this premature activity can become devastating.  God’s time for healing happens on his timeline.

Often we think we have overcome wounds not realizing the LORD knows and has kept us for our protection.

Typical signs of guarding ourselves, is a fear that keeps us locked away alone.  In my experiences these fear any leader and even a friend!  We put up walls and barriers in our flesh and soul for survival.

We are not lone rangers or a island to ourselves.  We all have been hurt and wounded. There are variable degrees of wounds.

Until we learn to trust God’s timing, and learn to resist the fearful progression we won’t be ready.  That is why God knows our timing and he is very adept to help and draw us out.

We have learned to put unspeakable things deeply buried in our soul.  We lock everything that has the power to hurt us.  However, when we are deeply hurt and if not dealt with in a godly way, it can take on the image of pride.  Why?  How?

When we avoid our heart issues, we begin to hurt others as we practice our path of pride. We seek out and gather those we hang out with, who are wounded and a pattern starts, wounding others and many times we don’t realize it until God reveals it.  These wounds of hurt can become septic, poisoning our lives.

When you discern and it feels like castle walls built. It is usually due to fear. In our defence of fear we become prideful.  Our pride doesn’t want others who know us, to think we are weak and have mess in our lives, hence the masks.

The middle man already paid the price, that was Jesus.  True, we are accountable to God first and then our spiritual leaders.  Accountability and trust is a necessity for properly being taught and healed rightly.

We all are accountable.  What or who are we accountable to?

Having loving, solid leadership is necessary.  We learn to follow first and if we are called to lead, we must learn to follow over and over again, then we are seasoned to lead and follow again.

We must learn to stay put until God releases us or raises us up to serve the flock of God in whatever capacity.

As we submit to God’s authority and trust HIM, the character and fruit of humility, honesty and integrity are some of the fruits of a good leadership team that surround you.

These fruits are a necessity; not an option and a blessing once you see how the LORD heals you and raises you up.

May we be open and honest to ourselves and trust those whom God has placed in our lives!

We are to esteem them highly for their works sake.  Amen and amen!


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

Sherry Edwards Mackey imageSherry Edwards Mackey
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Deeply Rooted Issues of Survival — 3 Comments

  1. To thine “own self” be True…. Sometimes a work in progress… and that is when “The Work He Does” In Us is what counts…
    So… Amen!!!