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  1. I had a dream about an alligator4/27/2020 I want go into the dream but it cause me sreach out the meaning of why and I found a lot of teaching on it but this one gave me what I need to do pray and fast my church will be fasting for 21 days beginning in May and I will pray in those areas in keep in mind what you have shared about this spirit. Remember me in your prayer time and thank you for being so transparent to share your experience.

    • Thank you! Good has directed me to this article for the proper way to identify and defeat the demon that has plagued us for the last year… I was mistaken in thinking it was the Jezebel until it outright accused me if being the leviethan, which I had never before heard of… God bless you and your with love and light as we battle the only holy war of all love and fear…

  2. Hi, I have been fighting a Leviathan demon for many years. It’s a big fight, more than one man should do on his own. It’s hard to find a team to help with this kind of demon. I encourage you to find a team that will pray and fast for you. We need more people like this website to spread the word of warring against this demon. God bless you all who fight.

  3. Hello i have read your post on the Subject of Leviathan and feel Encouraged that you found Victory through Prayer and Fasting , I myself am having to Battle with Leviathan and Serpent Spirit as this was Revealed by the prayer team Via thr Holy Spirit two weeks ago at a Healing Centre i attend ,i am so desperate to be freed and Delivered from this Evil Monster as its been there the whole of my life . Please would you pray for me. Thank you.

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