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Prayers for Deliverance from Flies — 3 Comments

  1. Shalom man of God!I am hindered by flies, the big ones on my ground. It started in 2013 when I loss my job. Two phophets phophesize thst the enemy is after my job. That flies was in my kitchen an in my childrens room. I did not understand that time but now i know i am under attact please pray for me. Thank you. I am a born again.

  2. i am born again Christian since August 10th 2019. Ever since that day I have encountered a miracle and the supernatural my life has being nothing short then amazing and made a new! having said this I can see the devil trying lately to attack my spirit in the form of unexpected flies coming into my home when my hoe is so clean and also my place of work! someone is at work against me but this prayer truly helps me and supports me u in maintaining my strength and faith and through God truly all things are possible! My name iS GABRIELLA and I would invite anyone to pray for me amen.

  3. I am a born again Christian I was saved back in the 1970s–I am walking the faith and,therefore, encountered many days of trials and tribulations. I stand strong with the Lord. I am encouraged through his word.  I thank you for your writings and insight. I notice that my mind is going at times diagnosed with Alzheimer’s .  AT times I can forget all the deep readings from my early years and this website helps me reconnect.  Thank you.

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