Deliverance Is the Children’s Bread


Deliverance is the children’s bread and yet there are many who have never been set free from the demonic powers, which have come through to them through their blood line, through curses and iniquities, and also through the things we involved ourselves with while we were in the world, whether the occult, drugs, fornication, etc.

The enemy works overtime to stay hidden, whether by deceiving us, saying that a Christian cannot have a demon, or that we have nothing that needs to be cast out.  But that is a lie.

Everyone needs deliverance, but what is sad is that many in the church have involved themselves with a mixture of new age or occult practices through justifying them saying they are sanctified, because we are Christians.  It is almost like saying that anything we touch is made holy.  And that is a lie!

The occult is an open door to Satan, which needs to be confessed, renounced, and Satan needs to be cast out, and the door to him needs to be shut.

When I first became a believer we were taught that to mess with the occult was as dangerous as playing with fire.  We were taught that to even have anything to do with idolatry like having souvenirs from idolatry countries needed to be cast out.  These were open doors to the enemy, but you don’t hear these teachings and warnings any more.  It is almost like everything is OK.

The enemy likes to stay hidden.  My husband used to say that demons like to play possum.  They act like they are cast out but they are still there because they have legal right to be there.  He used to pray the fire of the Holy Spirit down on me and spirits would manifest speaking Italian that sounded like the mafia, and I didn’t even know how to speak Italian.  Yes, we went through some deliverance sessions!

But still as we mature in the LORD, learning how to take away legal rights from the enemy, these spirits and principalities have to come to the surface but still they fight being exposed and to be cast out.

Taste and see that the LORD is good.  Blessed is the man who trusts in Him.  He who began a good work is faithful to complete it.  He didn’t bring us this far to leave us in an unfinished condition.

Yes, deliverance is the children’s bread and it is also a walk of casting off the darkness and to walk in the Light and anything from the enemy is being cast out.  Who the Son sets free is free indeed, and Jesus has come to set us free and to destroy the work of the enemy!  Be completely set free in Jesus name!


Yolanda Ballard

Yolanda BallardYolanda Ballard of At The Father’s Feet website, shares with you, the body of Christ, the words she’s received quietly sitting at the Father’s feet. I believe Jesus set the example for us to follow. Whenever He could He would come apart from the busyness of the world so that He could quiet Himself before the Father, for that is where He received direction and strength to carry out His will.

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