Prayers for Deliverance and Renunciation of Sexual Sin

Original source: Apostle John Eckhardt’s book “Prayers that Rout Demons”

I renounce all sexual sin that I have been involved with in the past, including fornication, masturbation, pornography, perversion, fantasy, and adultery in the name of Jesus.

I break all curses of adultery, perversion, fornication, lust, incest, rape, molestation, illegitimacy, harlotry, and polygamy in the name of Jesus.

I command all spirits of lust and perversion to come out of my stomach, genitals, eyes, mind, mouth, hands, and blood in the name of Jesus.

I present my body to the Lord as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1).

My members are the members of Christ. I will not let them be the members of a harlot (1 Corinthians 6:15).

I release the fire of God to burn out all unclean lust from my life in the name of Jesus.

I break all ungodly soul ties with former lovers and sexual partners in the name of Jesus.

I cast out all spirits of loneliness that would drive me to ungodly sexual relationships in the name of Jesus.

I command all spirits of hereditary lusts from my ancestors to come out in the name of Jesus.

I command all spirits of witchcraft that work with lust to leave in the name of Jesus.

I take authority over my thoughts and bind all spirits of fantasy and lustful thinking in the name of Jesus.

I cast out all marriage-breaking spirits of lust that would break covenant in the name of Jesus.

I cast out and loose myself from any spirit spouses and spirits of incubus and succubus in the name of Jesus.

I cast out all spirits of perversion, including Moabite and Ammonite spirits of lust, in the name of Jesus.

I receive the spirit of holiness in my life to walk in sexual purity in the name of Jesus (Romans 1:4).

I loose myself from the spirit of the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. I overcome the world through the power of the Holy Spirit (1 John 2:16).

I am crucified with Christ.  I mortify my members.  I do not let sin reign in my body, and I will not obey its lust (Romans 6:6–12).

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Prayers for Deliverance and Renunciation of Sexual Sin — 3 Comments

  1. Why did I have to turn 40 before God helped me? I have been saved all my life and have struggled in the area. I have always been told when I went for deliverance that a Christian can be filled with a Spirit of lust. These past days I have not only learned it is a lie but it lived in me for years.
    How can I prevent it from returning and how can I make sure I stay free from it?

    • First, being saved and being free of demonic strongholds, unforgiveness, curses and ungodly soul ties are all different things.  And second, born-again Christians can be demonised (Galatians 3:1).

      In Acts 2:38 we are told to “Repent and be baptized.” This required us to repent of all our known and unknown sin.  The problem is, some sin and some transgressions we have made, are totally unknown to us.  Therefore in the natural, we cannot name them, to repent of them.  We need God’s help.

      We may also be subject to the sin and transgression of our parents and forefathers which we inherit, for as Exodus 20:5 tells us, God may visit the iniquity of the fathers upon the sons to the third and fourth generations.  When we live in iniquity, Satan will take full advantage of it, for sin and iniquity gives him a legal right to pursue us; he has a claim against us.  We need to confess the sin, repent of the sin, seek forgiveness and give forgiveness and break the ungodly soul ties.  This takes time and is like peeling an onion – layer by layer till all is cleaned away.  However, deliverance can only be done on a baptized Christian, or else their condition will end up worse than at the start (Matthew 12:45)

      It is quite possible for a born-again Christian still to be suffering from the spirit of lust.  Mankind is made and seemingly ‘hard-wired’ for pleasure and reproduction and thus lust, which stimulates these senses, appears to be particularly hard to break.  However, once a spirit is gone, other similar spirits will try to win us back and tempt us to sin again.  If we fall to temptation, we again give them a legal stronghold within us.

      To prevent being reinfected, we need to be strong and resolute enough to always resist temptation, such that the enemy knows not to waste his time on us.  To resist temptation we need positive reinforcement, not negative reinforcement.  Thus, when the tempting feeling comes upon us, we need to positively do something, rather than ‘not’ do something.  For example, reading the Bible or calling a prayer buddy at the time of temptation, is positive reinforcements.  Trying not to stare, is negative.  Each time we fail and fall to the temptation, we need to start the process of confession, repenting, seeking forgiveness and breaking the soul ties over again.  If even 1% of our flesh remains unrepentant, the enemy will still have a legal right.  It can be a long job and a prayer buddy is certainly to be recommended. 

      However, remember that you may be just trying to cure the symptom and not the root cause of the spirit of lust.  The root cause of lust tends to be unresolved, unforgiven REJECTION.  If you do not deal with the root cause, the symptom will continue to recur.  If you do not remove the root cause, you have no removed the symptom – it will come back.  For a lust of the Flesh, the Root Cause may be Self Pity, which means not taking personal responsibility for our lives (Always blaming others for our problems) and for lust of the Eyes (covetousness and idolatry) the Root Cause tends to be believing things will satisfy the spiritual need inside.  Thankfulness and contentment defeat the lusts of the flesh.

      Scriptures to look at are:
      James 4:1-4 — The origins of lust
      Romans 7:14-25 — Our struggle with lust
      1 Corinthians 6::9-10 — Consequences of lust
      Romans 6:12-23; James 4:5-8 — Freedom in Christ

      We hope this is of help to you.  We pray that the Lord will now deliver you from all root causes of lust and open your eyes and heart to all and any unrepentant sin and iniquity in your life and the lives of your ancestors which enables the enemy to claim you.  We pray that the Lord will set you free and provide saints around you, such that you may remain free.

      In Jesus name we pray.  Amen and Amen and Amen.

  2. Thank you!
    Have been fighting this habit since I was 15 years old and now I’m 64. Help me pray for total and complete deliverance and healing.
    Thank you!!!