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Demonic Distraction in The Nation of Afghanistan! — 13 Comments

  1. Veronica,
    I had a dream a couple of months ago when the true election results were starting to come out in Arizona.
    The Lord was pointing out in the dream what the deceitful ones were going to do about it.
    I knew it was serious and I had the impression the lord thought it serious too.
    But I literally never dreamed it would be a botched Afganistan pullout.

  2. I too believe that this a distraction to take our eyes off the election fraud. I told my wife just yesterday of this very thing. Things are going to be good for us.

    • I surely hope so! I’ve been so fearful of the things that are coming. But I do believe God is going to take of us his children.

      • It is so obvious, Biden is not running the show!I believe the present White House leaders are all standing on quick sand .Truth and righteousness will prevail. Praise the Lord.

  3. Great article, Ms. West! I’m not anything close to a prophet , I don’t think, but as soon as this fiasco started, it hit me that the cabal was behind this for distraction purposes! Came to me like a slap upside the head….pardon the homily…so we have to look in the opposite direction. Thank you Ma’am for your words and the Lord`s word. And your prayers! Have a fantastic day!☺

  4. There is sooo much confirmation to this in the alternative media of the secular world of warnings of false flags incoming to try to take the news cycle off the upcoming Maricopa report. In Jesus name we rebuke the efforts of evil to try to hide the truth of the 2020 November election. So be it!

  5. They want us to pray to restore Roman republic government, Greece democracy, instead of kingdom of God and theocracy. They can’t have that because old things passed away and new is coming.they think they are holy priest and they have all holy light.

  6. I concur with this.  As I was in my quiet time and worshipping the Lord, I heard the Lord say, “Cry until me and I will quickly come to help you.”  Seeing Veronika comment that she “cried out to the Lord” was a second witness to me that our cries, our earnest and full heart cries will be part of our shelter in Him.  Bless you.

  7. Yes thank you Veronika I thought this Afghanistan attack was the rogue wave. I’ll be praying with more discernment I trust.

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