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Prayers against Demonic Princes — 3 Comments

  1. In the last few days, I have proof that Govt either local or federal or both are using technology to target individuals wrongfully. V2k is a real thing it’s not people being demonized although for people to do this thing they would have to be possessed by demons themselves. This in fact fulfills the second Thessalonians of Satan or the man not as a one mean a thing but as a system that invades the temple and acts like God! v2k is what is called voice to skull and is not a mental illness. I have a recording of the noise I hear with all sound turned off and this pulls it from the air using infrasound and ultrasound mixed with drums and music and evil accusations that are not true. and the software I was able to download actually pulls off some words into it this means it’s an evil system and it’s ours and we are Babylon! and is what the antichrist is it’s a system, not a man but mainly mankind. I’ve had a slue of tests done to rule out mental illness or any other anomaly and all have came back normal. We as true believers need to really get moved in the spirit to stop this evil form of torture. My hearing has been lost due to this evil since I think this crap has been hitting me for over 20 years or more. I read that infrasound and ultrasound destroy hearing so…
    So prayers and legal action are needed to bring this evil beast down!

  2. If you have prayed to God to deliver you from demonic oppression and it doesn’t seem to help.  God hears you, and he Loves you.

    Still keep you’re relationship with God.

    God has made sure there is another option other than prayer to help disrupt the way demons attach themselves to you. 

    It is as follows.

    God has made sure that certain drugs are effective which disrupt the way demons attach themselves to you. Both mind and body (nervous system).

    The most effective of these drugs is Clozapine aka. Clozaril. 
    there are plenty more drugs which can be effective as well.  Talk to your doctor about your options.

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