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Despise Not Prophesying & the Word of the Lord! — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus for Sunday schoolteachers
    I think a lot about this little girl from the catastrophe area this summer. She is eight years old. Huge cliffs got loose and dropped into the sea, and this caused tsunami in their little village. When she and the others outside saw the waves, she ran home to warn her family. They grasped her little brother and this family, along with the rest of the village, ran for life up higher. All were confused except of what was important, “Are they safe, are they….” Standing up higher, they wondered what was going on and were not sure if that was the end of the world, then this little girl came to think about Noah’s Ark. She told the other children that they should say the Lord’s Prayer, and then God would send Noah’s Ark. The adults agreed it was a good idea, so they began to pray as well. Her mother said, “As we were praying, the waves got more and more still”. What a wonderful testimony of faith and trust.
    When I had the first vision, sent as comment on 14th, I was trembling. The second vision gave me peace for the hour. I have now been fighting fear at times, not being sure of what the visions mean. So. I look for interpretation in your articles, thank you all and God bless you. Lucia Ludvigsen

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