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  1. I am here in Paris and it’s true the unity of those resisting is greater than the church. The church seems to be going right along with the government instead of praying and giving hope to people.

    • which churches? All? Catholic or Protestant?
      There is great mixture here as well.
      The hispanic catholic churches are telling the people to get jabs.  People like TDJakes also. Very sadly

  2. Dear Priscilla,
    with great joy I have read your prophecy. I have been following the developments in the nations whose names Leisa Ebere was given in 2019 since.
    As I am Bavarian and have been praying for our move to freedom and our destiny to take shape like our French brothers and sisters in Christ for years. I just wanted to share with you: A group of people in Southern Bavaria got together and initiated a referendum to dissolve the State Parliament and Government as it has not been serving the nation any more but have pursued their own agenda. We have felt for some time that the momentum has been gathering much speed. Let us all be prepared to do our bit when we are called.
    Thank you very much for ( I can only copy Mark Jenson’s comment above)this enormously encouraging word from the Lord.
    Vive la France and ‘Gott mit Dir Du Land der Baiern'( may God be with you, country of Bavarians)

    May God bless you.
    Elisabeth, currently British Isles

    • Bless you all! I’m just seeing this as for some time affected
      By cvd. And because of vid I saw today of slaughter going on in France came back to this word after praying with a friend.

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