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Discerning the Time — 3 Comments

  1. Restez confiant et dans l’espérance malgré les attaques des esprits mauvais. Oui, vous avez raison, parfois nous sommes en grande difficulté pour sortir de notre lit, oui, parfois les douleurs et les attaques sont très pénibles, mais notre JOIE et notre FOI doivent faire brûler notre cœur, malgré tout. Accrochez-vous au Christ ressuscité, à Sa lumière.

    [ HKP Admin – Google Translate – “Stay confident and hopeful despite the attacks of evil spirits.  Yes, you are right, sometimes we are in great difficulty to get out of our bed, yes, sometimes the pains and the attacks are very painful, but our JOY and our FAITH must make our hearts burn, despite everything.  Hold on to the risen Christ, to His light.” ]

  2. GOD is Faithful! HE is going to turn this around! Don’t give up in Yeshua’s Holy Mighty Healing Name! God Bless you in Jesus Mighty Healing Holy Name! Amen!!!It is not time for the end! Revival has begun and will continue! GOD’S WORD goes forth and produces Fruit!

  3. Trust God – focus on Him. Don’t follow the “news”. Be responsible for your own actions. It may get worse before it gets better, BUT it will get better!

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