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2012 A YEAR OF DISCOVERY – Part 2 — 6 Comments

  1. This information has blessed me.  I have been receiving so many words from the Lord and this is new to me.  He is talking to me to His people.  He talks to me personally, too.  I admit that it freaks me out as well as blesses me.  There was a sudden shift in my Spiritual life to this.  The words started pouring in.  I felt relatively alone in this, so it blessed me to find others.  I didn’t know what to do with all of it so I made a blog on wordpress of what He says.  Bless you as you serve Him and share in this type of ministry.  It has given me more peace.

  2. Please explain to me a simply as you possibly can, the “Spiritual Shift” which is or about to take place.
    What are some signs that it’s happening?
    Will I notice it in my life personally?

    • Dear Vera,
      Thank you for your comment and request. 
      First, please let me clarify that this article was written by Pastor Bill Burns and not by us.  Nevertheless, I will try to explain what I believe Pastor Bill means in the phrase “Spiritual Shift“.
      As you know, when you drive a vehicle and you “shift up” a gear, there tends to be a slight jolt as you accelerate and your speed increases.  Similarly, when you “shift down” a gear, the car tends to slow down, this allowing you to descend a steep hill safely.  In both cases, the engine speed and noise will change, as does physical speed of the vehicle.  Shifting gears is normal when we drive, otherwise vehicular travel would become very difficult and inefficient.
      In the Spiritual, the same occurs.  When God determines that He wants to change things, there tends to be a change in noise and speed, both of which are discernible to those paying attention.  In a vehicle with automatic transmission, no one except the driver ever is paying enough attention to recognise gear changes and even the driver ignores automatic changes.  In a manual stick-shift vehicle, the gear changes are more noticeable and all passengers will recognise it if a gear is missed or the pedal footwork is not properly co-ordinated. 
      Such is the case in the Spiritual, for few of us are sufficiently well tuned to initially recognise the changes, unless they are really dramatic.  Pastor Bill Burns can recognise them and is giving warning of them.
      Jill and I were in Hong Kong in November to meet a noted Prophet from New Zealand.  He told us that since mid 2011 there has been a huge change in the prophetic spiritual environment and that all the prophets he knew, were will trying to come to terms with it.  He said that the Prophets seemed to have moved up into a new level of prophetic anointing and discernment, and that this happened, if not instantly, over a very short period of time.  As a result, he said all high operating Prophets were still trying to develop an understanding of what they were seeing and being given, and to develop a common language, so that they could communicate what they saw and sensed, with others.
      An example of a shift which we cannot directly see or hear but is happening daily, is known as the Polar Shift – a shift or change in the location of the magnetic North Pole.  The closer one lives to the North Pole the more it can be recognised, but you need a compass to sense it.  However, the ramifications of this shift do effect us all, as the linked article explains.  Just because we cannot sense a shift, does not mean it is not impacting us.
      Vera, I do not know what God is doing which is causing this Spiritual Shift, this spiritual change, but be sure it will manifest and reveal itself soon in the world in many ways.  Those who are attuned to the Word of God, like His high operating Prophets, sense it first and it is their job is to communicate the changes to us.  Pastor Bill was not specific, but one thing is for sure, we need to get ready and be prepared for a new manifestation of God in our lives.  God is certainly doing a new thing.  Let’s not get left behind.
      I pray this helps.
      Blessings in Christ, Angus

  3. This is awesome. I keep having dreams where I’m fighting evil and I always win because I recite the lords prayer,and let evil know that my faith is with god. Good trumps evil n I will continue spreading the good and letting everyone know god is real.

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