Divine Alignment in America!

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Urgent Prayer Request for the Trump Campaign!

I want to make it clear that what I am about to share is not to cause alarm or distraction, but rather to encourage many to continue to watch, pray and press in for the full completion and full manifestation of what God has started in this election season!

Do not be swayed by the many lies of defeat, hold fast in faith and remember we fight from victory.

My prayer in this hour is that we as the Body of Christ will stay awake and alert, watching and praying always in the spirit.  It is crucial that we have ears to hear and spirits that can discern the voice and heart of God for the nations at this time.

Late yesterday afternoon, the Holy Spirit stopped me in my tracks and spoke these words to me, “Daughter, there is an assignment of poisoning being planned.”

immediately I stopped and I listened again, and I heard the spirit say, “Daughter, yes!  There is an assignment of poisoning that is being planned by the enemy in this hour.”

So I began to pray in tongues and as I cried out to God for greater clarity and understanding,  I was shown in the spirit a poison being put within food and drink, I saw that the type of poison that would be used would not kill, but it would cause violent sickness that would require immediate hospitalization.

Would you stand with me in this hour to pray against any assignment of poisoning?

Let’s us continue to pray for divine protection and divine preservation over the Trump campaign.

Pray that God would continue to reveal and expose every pre-planned attacks.  Pray for the deployment of warring angels over Donald Trump, his family and all of his campaign members from those that would try to gain access in order to carry out the wicked and evil plots of the enemy in this hour.

Divine Alignment in America!

A word for America; divine alignment is taking place in this hour over the nation….!

I saw three angels called Revolution, Resolution and Restoration standing upon American soil.

At midnight last night, I was woken by a voice that said, “This is the midnight hour for the nation of America.”

As I heard those words, I was taken into a brief spirit encounter where I saw three angels standing upon American soil.  As I looked at the three angels, I saw their names written upon their chests, Revolution, Resolution and Restoration.

By revelation I knew that these angels were military angels, warring messengers being sent by God to the nation of America for such a time as this.

As I looked at the angel called Revolution, he lifted up his hand and showed me an ancient scroll,  I immediately understood that he was the carrier of the holy orders of heaven.  He was being sent and commissioned by God to establish the plans and purposes of heaven in the nation of America in this time of election.

Then I looked at the angel called Resolution.  He too lifted up his hand and he showed me the scales of justice.  He was the messenger of righteousness sent by God to bring forth heavens truth, justice, mercy, vindication and peace in the midst of great turmoil, confusion and danger.

Then as I looked at the third angel who was called Restoration.  He lifted up his hand and uncovered a large silver bowl which contained a golden oil.  By revelation I understood that he was the divine messenger of repentance, healing and revival sent by God to bring forth healing, restoration and restitution to the sons and daughters of God in this season.

Then the angel of Revolution spoke to me and said, “Watch, for a leveling wind shall now blow over Washington DC making straight the way of The LORD!”

Friends, as I shared, I knew by revelation that these were holy archangels sent by God to watch over the affairs of the American people in this hour.

These were military messengers being sent to be the intermediaries between the spirit realm and the natural realm.  These were holy angels being sent to many American leaders, these were the archangels on divine assignment to advise, inspire and intervene in the affairs of the American people.

These archangels are the messengers of hope, light and life, they are the mighty warriors of God’s heavenly army now being sent to earth to establish the plans and purposes of God’s Kingdom upon the nation of America in this hour.

Begin to declare;  A new day is dawning over the nation of America and all nations will be drawn to the brightness of her rising.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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