Divine Frustration


When we feel that there is a frustration of sorts, beloved, there are things we must see and hear directly from the LORD, and Him alone.

Beloved, not all will be able to understand our particular purpose that the Master has called us to walk in.

That is okay!  Be not frustrated!  You are scattering seeds and you never know which ones will spring up!

We must remember that everywhere our feet and fingers take us has been given to us to possess.

Therefore we are to possess spiritually, each and every situation we are involved in daily.

We are to possess it all by force in the spirit.  We are to take back everything that satan has stolen from us!

Taking dominion over our lives and steps are a learned behavior.  We have learned and obtained lessons by the Holy Spirit therefore we learn to maintain the ground we have gained.

We bring a witness of Christ through our lives day and night.  He is constantly there beloved; be confident in that and know we are free indeed , (Joshua 1:3 KJV)

To soar with the LORD as an eagle in many instances, we learn our best lessons when we are alone with the LORD because the sky is our defense.

In learning intimacy with the LORD, it is a lot like the illustration of the mounting process.

As we learn to mount up, it brings us to a stretching to soar in the high places.

In this stretching it causes us to develop an acquired ability to spiritually see what the LORD sees.

We must learn that in the mounting process of worship and prayer, it takes us up to high places in intimacy with our LORD.

We must not grow weary or hurt by those who are not willing to go with us.

Yes, we want others to go with us and to be caught up in the up draft as we soar.

However be not frustrated when the others are not willing to hear you, for we must come to the realization that not everyone can go with us to our particular field of ministry.

Each of us have a different and distinct relationship with the LORD and not everyone will understand us.

We will have seasons when it seemingly looks like we are alone.  However we are not alone and there are many angels with us.

During those times when we feel alone, is when the LORD is stretching us in our faith.

The body of Christ needs encouragement and mending, less the “NET” become in infected and useless in harvesting souls.

Becoming one with the LORD requires that we love his body and we all need each other! Jesus is LORD and no matter what differences we have, we need to learn each part is just as important as the other and we must guard against division.

We ALL are one in the body of Christ, thus when one hurts or is wounded, it affects us all.

Our past history molds us in so many ways.  God will take everything that has happened in your life and turn it around for good!!

You are like an ongoing book being written, whom many will read.  Realize yourself that pressing forward in Christ is how we learn to overcome each test and trial regardless of how we feel.

Emotions and feelings have nothing to do with faith.

God has so much more in store for you beloved!  Realize that every spiritual wave that passes us by, strengthens us, making us sea worthy people.

This is creating and preparing us to go into deeper places.

Beloved, immerse thyself!  Walk ON!

You are not alone and remember you are LOVED unconditionally!

Possess and occupy each and every place where you go!

Occupy until the LORD comes!

Be a blessing today and encourage all of those dear souls you come across.  Remember every place your feet and fingers take you, this is your field of ministry and it is an opportunity to share Jesus and His love.

God will surely be with you for he watches over his word to perform it.

He promises us that He will perfect that which concerneth us.  Oh how He loves us beloved!

“Though the tempest makes me feel so all alone, remember in the darkness of night He is working out a greater light and measure of care, beloved because He is always there”


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

Sherry Edwards Mackey imageSherry Edwards Mackey
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Divine Frustration — 2 Comments


  2. I would like to comment on the word “Frustrated” When you are feeling that it is the “Works of the Flesh” You need to get back into the spirit. Ask God to help you. I hope this Helps! Prov 3-5-6. Continue to cast all your cares on HIM. All the time.