Divine Realignment for Perfected Destinies

Happy new year 2017 to you all from myself and the entire arc family!

What a great year god has brought us into! I declare it will be our best year yet, in jesus name.  And now, here is the Prophetic Word God gave me for 2017: in brief, this will be ‘the year of divine realignment for perfected destinies’
For in this year, 2017, God will begin to realign you and everything in your life that He may bring you into the perfection of the destiny which He designed for you.

That word realign, it means:

•  To reorganize.
•  It is changing the position of something in relation to something else.
•  It is to change or restore to a different or former position or state.
•  It is to: put back into proper order or alignment;
•  To cause to form new arrangements or to have a new orientation;
•  To create order in a system or activity.

Therefore when the LORD says He is realigning your life, what He is saying to you is that He is reorganizing your life; He is restoring order in your life; He is rearranging your life and giving it a new direction; He is eliminating the chaos and repositioning your life so that you may fulfill the destiny which He ordained for you to live in.

What you are going to experience in 2017 is a revamping of your destiny.  Those who had fallen off track will suddenly be restored, corrected and altered by the divine hand that they may accomplish destiny.

Suddenly, there are some people who will disappear out of your life and new people will appear.

Suddenly, new jobs and assignments will manifest.

Suddenly, new gifts will manifest in you.

Suddenly new doors will open.

Suddenly, new divine connections will come to you.  There will be many shifts in the right direction in the year 2017.

Suddenly what and who has been tormenting you will disappear and what and who will promote you will appear.

Watch and see!  Many will move into new cities, new neighborhoods, new offices, new locations, for the sake of destiny.

Relationships which no longer serve God’s purposes in your life will disappear and new ones will appear.  God said to tell you that when He begins to cut off people from your life, do not go running after them.  What has been sapping your joy will disappear and what will bring you new joy will begin to appear.

2017 is a year when God will re-organize many things in your life.

2017 will be a year when, as Moses, God will pick you up from the backside of the desert, bring you to the palace of Pharaoh and use you to work signs and wonders.  Like this man, whom the Word describes as one who was ‘mighty in words and deeds’, many whom the LORD has prepared will rise up and do great works in this year.

2017 will be a year and a season of rest.  Just as God worked in 6 days and rested on the 7th, many have worked and toiled in the past 6 years, but this year shall be a year of rest for you.

God said to command you to stay in His Word.  Read His word and increase your faith, for in this year 2017, walking by faith will be key for you.

The Word of God says that the older generation of Israel could not enter into the Promised Land because of their unbelief.  God had prepared a great place for them, a land that flows with milk and honey, but they could not enter because they could not believe in Him.  It will be the same for the doubters in this brand new year.

In 2017, know that the works are finished.  All you need to do is to believe.  What that means is: you choose to move at the word of God.

One man asked Jesus, ‘What shall we do that we may work the works of God?’  To which Jesus replied, ‘This is the work of God; that you may believe in the One whom He has sent.’   When you understand that it is already done, and that all you need to do is to walk into it, you will not struggle at all in this year.

God already knows where He has placed the things that belong to your destiny, and if you follow [and believe in] His directions, you will suddenly come into the things that belong to your destiny. In 2017, obedience to the command of God will be key to receiving His promises.

Just as the ark of Noah rested in the 7th month on the 17th day of the month upon the mountain, even so, in 2017 God will also bring you to the place of rest.

Your finances are already lined up, and all you need to do is to obey and walk into it.  Your marriage is already lined up.  All you need to do is to obey the instruction. Your healing is lined up, your job is lined up, your car is lined up, your visa is lined up, your ministry is lined up, your new house is lined up, your children are lined up, and all that God needs from you is faith and obedience to receive them.

Those who will disobey and go off to do things by their own strength will find that they will end up in lack and struggle. Just as the Israelites who went to pick manna (work) on the Sabbath (7th day) and found nothing, even so it will be for those who refuse to rest by faith in God that they may receive their portions.

In 2017, God will cause to find rest from the afflictions of the enemy.  Just like Israel were caused to leave Egypt and enter in Canaan, even so many will come out of the place and bondage of affliction and enter into God’s designated place of rest. In this year, anyone who seeks to fight you will fall into divine judgment for God will cut off your oppressors and grant you to live as royalty.

The LORD also said to me that those who will rise up to fight His church will find it very hard because they will come under His judgment.

2017 is the year when you will hear the voice of God clearly.  Just as the Word of God declares that on the 7th day God called unto Moses from the cloud of glory, even so many will have and operate under open heavens as God begins to speak to them key things concerning their destinies.

The ability to hear the voice of God and follow His instruction will be key to destiny realignment in your life.

The LORD also said to me that 2017 is a year when big celebrities will come into His kingdom.  I saw it in the vision and even saw some serving in the church.  Get ready, you will see some get born again, but the LORD said to me that those who will refuse to heed His voice will perish.

In 2017, I saw the nation of Kenya in national mourning.  There are 3 key politicians who will be taken away in this year before the general elections.

The LORD also showed me that in 2017, there will be politicians who will seek to divide the nation (Kenya), but I also saw that His mighty hand will be heavy upon them.  Anyone who seeks to bring division to this nation will be opening the doors for trouble in their own lives.

This is also the year when what has been standing in between you and your promised land will fall.  Get ready, your Jericho will suddenly fall flat and you will be able to march on into your promised land.

In 2017, God said to tell you, ‘Be watchful, be vigilant, for the enemy will come out raging.’

This is the year to remain in the place of prayer so that divine protection will be established in your life.

Be ready too: For in 2017, God will separate you from people who do not belong to your destiny.  You will notice that they are indeed cut off for they will no longer be in your space.

This year, you must make the declaration:  Anyone who does not belong to my 2017,  I disconnect you right now by the divine sword of fire, in Jesus name!

In 2017, many of you who are reading this will carry the mark of divine favor as the LORD begins to reveal divine kindness in your life.  This year, you will suddenly begin to shine, and God said to tell you who have been obedient to His voice, ‘It is your year of blessing.’

Even as God prepares to bless you abundantly in this New Year, the LORD said to me to tell you to forgive those who have been used of the Devil to fight against you.

Forgiveness will be key to unlocking the blessings prepared for you in this year.  Search out your heart and confirm that there is no pain, grudge or bitterness which you are holding against anyone.  That [bitterness in your life] will be a channel for the enemy to contest with your blessings.

2017 will also be known as the year of the revelation of the glory of God.  Many people will begin to know the LORD Jesus in a different way.  Just as Peter, James and John were taken up into the mountain of transfiguration; even so, the LORD will begin to bring many into His presence where many will have visions of Him.

The Elijah [restoration] and Moses [signs and wonders] anointings will also be poured out in this year. Get ready for your family members and friends to come to the LORD as God empowers you to win them into the kingdom.

The LORD said to me that to those who will chose to join Him on the mountain [of prayer], this will become their portion.

In 2017, do not be slack to prayer.  When other people are praying, you cannot be the one who is feasting.  For the new levels to which the LORD is bringing His church do not belong to everyone but to those who choose to link up with Jesus on the mountain of prayer.

There will be grace to seek the LORD in this year.  If you have not yet begun to fast and pray in this new year, the time to do so is now.  I will have our continuous annual eleventh year of fasting program beginning this January from the 11th to 31st [one meal per day, may take water during fast].

Do go to Facebook and search for the group ‘MY 2017 MUST SHINE’ and ask to join in.  I will be giving you instructions and prayer points which will help you pray to God for a different 2017.

As I sought the LORD for the word for 2017, He said to me, ‘The time is short.  Tell the people to do My work.’

Understand that there is now no time to waste.  The LORD desires that we move fast in winning souls and completing His assignments.  In this year, do not be slack to do the work of God.

Do not be lazy.  Do not be indisciplined.  Do not be found missing from church.  By the time you arrive in church and people begin to tell you how much they missed you in a particular service or for a particular season, that should also be your moment of revelation that you have already begun to backslide.

Don’t wait for such words from people, no; you be the one to tell them this!

In 2017, the LORD will continue to expose those who are wicked in the political sector of the nation of Kenya and in the church worldwide.  Get ready to hear of big names.

The LORD says, “I have given them time to repent, but they have refused to listen.”  Some of those who will be exposed will be completely forgotten in the season to come.

In 2017, the LORD said to tell His people that His seven eyes, which are His seven spirits sent into all the world will be with His people to help us.  For He said to me that difficult times are coming to the nations of the world, but to those who will lean on Him, light will be seen (Isaiah 60).

You will be distinguished from the people of the world in this year.

Many of God’s people will also receive a seven-fold restoration of what you lost in the past 6 years 7 times.  By the time God is done restoring you, no one will have an idea that you went through the things you have gone through.

Not unless you speak it with them.  This year, walk by faith (rest in God’s ability to take care of you).  Enter the rest of faith.  Cease from your own works.

In 2017, God said that there will be Moses’ who will hand over to Joshuas.  For He will call home some of His generals.  When you see them pass on, it is because of a new generation of ministers whom the Father is raising.

‘Until now, the world has not known them, but now they will be revealed’ says the Spirit of the Living God.  Some of you that have been in the place of obscurity will suddenly begin to rise to the place of greatness.

Understand, whenever a father leaves the earth, the firstborn son qualifies to receive double the blessing, and, just as Elisha received the double of Elijah’s anointing, even so, get ready, for there will be those who will begin to carry double portion mantles of the anointing.

When a father goes to the next dimension, the sons also graduate to another dimension.  Much of this will happen in 2017.  Yes, even to the Fathers who will receive new anointings, their sons will inherit a double portion of the previous level of the Fathers.

If you have a father over you, their previous level of anointing last year is yours.  If you will be faithful to serve to the end, like Elisha, you will have it, but if you become Gehazi, you will lose and be demoted.

Be a faithful son and daughter, so you shall be elevated by the divine hand and by the blessing of your father/ mother.

You may have prayed from 2011-2016 without major results but God said to tell you that 2017 shall be your year of answered prayer.  In 2017 you will see results, for 2017 also will be your year of open heavens.

Do not be slack to ask, but be diligent in your prayers, so you will embrace major testimonies in your life.  The LORD also asked me to instruct those who were present in the crossover overnight to raise an altar for open heavens in 2017.  If you haven’t done it, you should do it.

What is an altar?  It is a portal that opens up between the physical and the spiritual worlds so that supernatural exchange to take place.  Without an altar, the heavens cannot open up.

This is why Elijah had to first restructure the altar of God and offer a sacrifice before the rain of God’s blessings could follow.  Altars are raised by sacrifice; for it is the sacrifice on the altar that speaks.

So, prepare your sacrifice (your sacrificial giving) and lay it on God’s altar so the covenant of open heavens will be established over your life in 2017.  Psalm 50:5, ‘Gather my saints together unto me; those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice.’

So without a sacrifice it is impossible to ratify a covenant.  Do it for sure victory in the year 2017.

In 2017, some sicknesses that you suffered will suddenly become a thing of the past for God says He will give you divine health.  To those of you who have huge debts that have hung like a heavy millstone on your neck, if you will trust God in this year, you will see that they will be divinely settled.

In 2017, there will be mighty revivals all over the world.

  • Kenya will be touched,
  • the United States of America will experience power,
  • the United Kingdom will be revived,
  • South Africa will be revived,
  • New Zealand will have a new move of God.

The LORD said, He is ready to move in power wherever men will gather and begin to earnestly seek Him for revival.  Do it in the nation where you are.  God wants to make you a channel of His power.

The LORD said to me that He will raise new miracle workers in 2017.  Suddenly, some of you will be transformed into a sign and a wonder.

In a vision I saw the LORD giving brand new swords to His chosen vessels to slash the powers of darkness.  There will be a formidable display of God’s power in this year 2017.

The LORD also said to me that the youth will rise up as a force to contend with in this New Year.  New names will suddenly emerge to serve under great anointings. Watch and see as this unfolds before your eyes.

As the LORD imparts the Elijah anointing, the seed of witchcraft will be destroyed out of the earth in 2017.  You will suddenly look to find the witch in your family but they will be no more.  God said their time is up as He already gave them time to repent but they refused to turn.  Their judgment has now been set.

This is a glorious year for the children of God but a difficult one to those who do not serve the LORD.  Be found on the right side of God, where there are blessings; for the LORD is coming down to separate between those who serve Him from those who don’t.

I believe you are divinely selected for your greatest year yet.  Set yourself to pray fervently with these words in your prayer chamber.  For then you will see them coming to pass in your life, family, church and nation.

“Timothy, my son, I am giving you this instruction in keeping with the prophecies previously made about you, so that by them you may strongly engage in battle,”   1 Timothy 1:18.

Finally, I now pray that the LORD will bless you and grant you a happy and prosperous 2017, in Jesus name.


~ Apostle Paul A Williams

Apostle Paul A WwilliamsApostle Paul A Williams
Apostolic Revival Church International, Nairobi




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  1. Thank you Jesus for such an awesome word! !ive toiled for 6yrs but now it’s my turn around time!!! I receive God’s Word over my life.

  2. Dear brother Paul
    Oh, what a blessings awaits us ! HALLELUYAH !
    I also agree with this (I received similar confirmations from the LORD): “As I sought the LORD for the word for 2017, He said to me, ‘The time is short.  Tell the people to do My work.’