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Do Not Wallow in Depression — 3 Comments

  1. There are many who are dealing with severe traumas… relentless traumas, one right after another, many since birth. Abuse in every form, and those with mental and physical health issues where depression is a symptom of a deeper issue. The Lord sees you, those who are suffering paralyzing depression.  He is quick to SEE you and to comfort you.  Take His hand and rest in Him as He is healing deep wounds, and traumas. He is removing thick layers of scar tissue where you thought there would never be life or flow again.  He is going DEEP and it may feel invasive, but He is doing a quick work because He loves you and desires wholeness of your spirit, mind and body. Allow yourself His blessed assurance, His healing hand and know He is bringing you relief, just when you thought you could not go another minute.  You are loved, you are seen and you are cherished.

  2. Thank you sister for this word from The Lord, I have been a little down lately so this Word has brightened up my day and my days to come. The Lord is always on time and I love and have faith in His Word. I thank you for being faithful to God and for bringing His Word to us.

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