Do NOT Worry!


Do not worry about violence, for it shall not come near you.

Do not worry about the pestilence, it shall not come near you.

Do not worry for the arrows nether by day or night, they will not hurt you.

Do not worry for the wrath of the enemy, neither fear of the foe for it shall not come nigh you.

Only be strong and trust in my capacity to keep you.

Only be strong and trust in the shadow of My Wings.

I have made you a promise to preserve you and to protect you because of my covenant with you through My Dear Son.

His blood speaks for you redeemed one.

His blood speaks and has blotted out the ordinances that were made against you.

blood speaks and overrules the sanctions of death.

You shall not die, but live to declare My Glory.

You shall be delivered from every evil work and testify of My Power to save.

My beloved, you have already been ransomed.

You are no more slave to the curse of the law that brings death.

Only walk in my way, only live precept by precept observing my statutes and laws.

Holiness unto righteousness.

Know that I AM with you even as you walk through the shadow of death.

Fear not death for I have already caused you to be victorious and triumphant.

Know this, that even death shall be swallowed up in victory and lose its sting.

I have come that you have life and that more abundantly.

It is well,”  says the Holy Spirit.

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~ Syreeta Thomas

Syreeta ThomasSyreeta Thomas



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