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  1. The Bible FORBIDS Gentile circumcision…

    The American Academy of Pediatricks says that the [unquantified] benefits of circumcision outweigh the [unquantified] risks, ignoring the fact that measuring two unquantified sums results in an unquantified answer.
    (Task force on circumcision. Circumcision policy statement. Pediatrics 2012;130(3):585-6.)

    Instead of calling circumcision a benefit, the Bible calls circumcision a LOSS. Philippians 3:7-8.

    The Bible teaches us to avoid doctors who promote circumcision. “Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.” Philippians 3:3. (In Greek “Katatome” means “mutilation” translated as “concision” in the King James version. Paul is using a play on words, because the next verse says that we are the “Peritome” in the Greek which means “circumcision.” Thus, Paul means the pro-circumcision crowd when he writes “Katatome” in the context of the passage.)

    The Bible tells circumcisers to shut up so Christians should not listen to their advice. The circumcising doctors teach things which they ought not such as their prejudiced ideas pretending that circumcision is cleaner or healthier even though God created our bodies perfect from the beginning. They do this in order to make money so the Christians should not be supporting them. See Titus 1:10-11 and Genesis 1:31. Signing the circumcision form is in direct opposition to New Testament Christianity. So, what will it then be? Which do you choose? Christ and the cross, or circumcision?

    Is it not the responsibility of pastors to teach their congregations the Bible? If pastors refuse to teach their congregations to reject circumcision as the Bible teaches, who will? Do they leave the job to the sinners? Is it up to the sinners to tell the truth that the American pastors refuse to tell? Is this the situation that you really want?

    The gentile Christian is prohibited from circumcising himself or his children. Galatians 5:2 “Behold, I Paul say unto you, that if ye be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing.” In verse three it says that the circumcised Christian gentile (whether as a newborn or any other age) “…is a debtor to do the whole law” and in verse four it says the circumcised gentile Christian has “fallen from grace.” The Bible teaches that “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.” Galatians 5:9. The idea here is that if YOU will not be persuaded by the truth, how can you expect that OTHERS will be persuaded by the truth of the gospel? (See verse 7 – Greek “Peitho” means “persuade”). If you reject the anti-circumcision truth of the bible in Galatians, then you cannot expect anyone else to accept the truth of the gospel. You have weakened your own Christian witness and position. Furthermore, you bring an end to Christian morality, for if you will not follow New Testament Christianity, why should you expect anyone else to?

  2. Thank You Lord Jesus for Gethsemane and all the way You went for our salvation
    Amen, dear beloved, perfect prayer for all. Life in Jesus accompany is love and truth.
    Allow me to tell about a vision I saw 30th December last year. Since then, I have not known when to send it out, and I even asked the Lord Jesus, if I should do the Gideon and his fleece to be sure; I was told to wait until I got the understanding. Later, I myself started to find someone to help me, but then much travail got in.
    The vision: I saw a horse. It was red-brown with black mane. It was calm and there was no sweat, its muzzle was dry. From my view, its head was heading toward my right, and it only showed the head and neck/throat. I was in holiday another country, and I, from that vision on, then began to see horses everywhere in the natural; all kind of horses. Calm horses and running horses, and all of colors.
    I was puzzled about the color and I tried to seek out on internet, but it did not seem to be biblical to me. Also, why did it show the front of the horse and not the rest? Is the horse coming in to the scene and start something that will be going on and on?
    After I started to find help for the interpretation, and after travail, I heard the Lord Jesus say, “Repentance among the oracles”. We have heard and seen repentant leaders one by one here. When God say, “Repent”, we need to know He is awesome and then repent.
    God Almighty bless you all, with much love. Lucia Ludvigsen

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