Don’t be fooled by False Powers — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you so much Apostle Andrianne for the message. Oh!I will worship and serve the true and living God.Praise the Lord! God bless you my beloved!Amen

  2. I give God The Father Glory for the rich provision we have recieved in His son! He is our protection from dark forces! The defiling of the sacrifice in 1 Samuel by the sons of Eli removed the protection that the sacrifice supplied. However the children of Israel didn’t believe God went to battle against the Philistines in their own power and were defeated. For The Lord warned them not to fight in their own power but the children of Israel refused and many fell in battle!

    Today Our trust is in the living Savior Jesus Christ, who made attonement for our sins and we trust in him to lead and guide!! We dare not approach the battle with dark spiritual forces on our own power, lest we experience defeat as Israel did! We can’t get right with God by fulfilling the law, or based on our own effort but only by faith in Him that is unseen! The bible said Abraham had nothing to boast about before God but was credited with righteousness because he had faith in God to do what he promised.

    Let us put our trust in the risen Savior who is our sacrifice before God The Father who loved us and sent him to die on our behalf to remove all our sins. He is our victory and song! Let us lift up the name of Jesus with our worship and praises and watch the snares of the enemy be disarmed like Jehoshaphat did , in the valley of Jehosaphat when he praised The Lord and the enemies turned on one another and Jehosaphat just watched his victory lay out before him as he praised!!Or watch victory like David did when he came in the power of God against Goliath armed with the anointing power of God to defeat the enemy and save! Let the world see we are God’s people and that Our Living God Jesus Christ is our source! Let us be confident in his power to rescue, save and conquer the enemy!! let us be confident we are righteous and are seating with him in a Glory! Let us be confident that He is for us if we trust him to save and he will impart wisdom and order our steps. Let’s praise Our King for his mate velour finished work on the Cross! I give the Father praise for you dear sister and I thank him for the word He sent for his people! Let us be watchful as you have shared and let us behold our King Jesus in the word , and worship him in his presence!!

    Praise Jesus Our Lord!!!

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