Dream – Wild Horses

This is long.  But it includes a dream from the morning of October 8, 2016 and the interpretation, plus a Word from the LORD.  I hope it gives you greater understanding for the past and the days ahead.
This is aimed at the U.S.A., but is also happening in other nations around the world.   Do you recognize your nation in this?
God Bless all who read this, Bev


Early this morning, October 8, 2016, I was dreaming of mustangs / wild horses in the western part of America out on the range, minding their own business of just being free, eating wherever they can find grass to eat, foaling and raising their young, and existing in the environment they have been given to live in.  They were just peacefully grazing.

Mustangs represent the people of the US in this dream and their freedom.  They are free, to mind their own business, feed and raise their children, and exist in the environment they were given, or some people have even changed that environment for something better, or in some cases something worse, due to choices they have made.  We, as Americans, have our freedom now, just like some mustangs that still have their freedom and are allowed to range in certain parts of the U.S.A.The western part of the U.S.A. is where this vision took place.  There may be a double reason for this.

1.   Most of the mustangs who run free are located on ranges in the western parts of the U.S. Below is where most of the Mustang herds are located in the U.S.A.

Western US –  Nevada (1/2 of the total population of wild mustangs are in Nevada), Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Colorado, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, South Dakota.
Central US  –  Missouri, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas.
Eastern US – N orth Carolina, Virginia, Maryland.

2.   Plots and plans of the enemy may be that those Western states where the mustang herds live are indicative of locations / states that will be chosen by the enemy in his attempt to destroy freedom first.

Their lookout or watchman (usually a stallion) was on a small grassy knoll overlooking them, so he was watching everything around them, to keep the herd safe, and sound the alarm, should something arise.

This is part of the stallion’s job, to be the watchman, keep his herd (family) safe, as well as reproduction for the next generation.

The lookout or the watchman are the prophets and intercessors, in the Body of Christ, who are assigned to this nation, by God, to help protect it and to keep it from harm. They sound the alarm or give Words (WARNINGS & EXPECTATIONS)  to let others know of the times / seasons and of enemy intrusion / intentions.

Then I heard the thunder of other hooves coming in the distance.  The noise progressively got louder.  The lookout (watchman) heard them too.  He raised his head, snorted, and let out a call, like a shrill whistle, to alert the herd to pay attention, something is up.   He kept watching as the pounding hooves drew closer, the herd began to rise and assemble, foals, adults, and the yearlings were ready to flee at a moment’s notice.

The thunder of hooves, belongs to those who are coming to capture and take away freedom both to the mustang and to America and its’ people, if they can.

Again, if the watchmen (intercessors and prophets) do their assigned jobs, then those who are called to be watchmen on the wall, will give Words of warning to the people, to give them the opportunity to repent of their wicked ways and turn to God.  Warnings have been given, over and over in the U.S. just like Moses gave them in Egypt to the pharaoh, at that time, and to the Israelites, so many other times during their history.  The call to repentance went out in the Bible through Jeremiah, Jonah, and others, all those years ago.  Jeremiah was a time, when the people refused to hear the Warning given by God and the people were taken into captivity.  For Jonah, the Israelites “heard” God’s Warning, fell on their faces, repented and God didn’t destroy Nineveh, as He had planned.  Of the two we are closer to living in a time like that of Jeremiah, where many are refusing to hear the Word of the LORD for various reasons, unless it is a “feel good” word.

Once the lookout discerned the direction of the approaching hooves, he gave another signal and the mustangs were off and running.  Then other horses in the herd took their positions within and around the herd.  These were older horses, which have gained rank within the pecking order of the mustangs, and are valued for their wisdom and courage

For the sake of the herd, the older horses were willing to sacrifice themselves, if needed.  Their job was to keep the stragglers from getting too far behind and from wandering out of the herd on either side.

Those older horses are the “wise ones” within the Body of Christ.  They are valued by others because of their relationship with the LORD, authority from the LORD that has been given by the LORD, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, discernment, love, compassion, and willingness to give of themselves to others that the LORD assigns them to help or to serve at the LORD’s direction. These “wise ones” contain so much love for and from the LORD; they too, are willing to sacrifice themselves in many ways for whoever the LORD assigns to them.  They are not necessarily elders or leaders; these do not have to have a minister’s license/s, to do the LORD’s work.  Remember the disciples had none of these; they were fishermen, tax collectors, carpenters, doctors, etc.  They have something more precious than all of the recognition and titles given on paper.  They have the LORD on their side and an immeasurable amount of Him within, that gives them the authority, discernment and willingness to serve Him, above man.  You will know them from the “light within” that is the LORD in them.  They often operate in many gifts of Holy Spirit.  They don’t always carry titles with them, or have ribbons or badges to recognize them, like Jesus’ disciples, they may be prophets / evangelists / teachers / preachers / apostles, but they don’t have to have or be called by a title to know who they are in the LORD.  THE LORD KNOWS THEM AND THEY HAVE A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LORD THAT IS SEEN FROM THE LIGHT WITHIN AND HOW THEY OPERATE IN THE LORD’S AUTHORITY.

I can hear the thunder of hooves also approaching.  The riders were dressed in black and wore black hats, as well. I can also see small planes and helicopters that are coming closer.

In the more sophisticated approach to catching mustangs, they began to use planes and helicopters It saves in manpower.  They can cover larger areas of land more quickly to locate them, and the loud noise from the planes terrifies the horses into confusion, panic, and eventual submission as they begin to hover over them, dipping and swerving to encourage them to go certain directions.  Those on the ground on horses are used for the details of catching those who try to get away with ropes, by chasing them until they are exhausted, or any other means they can think of.

Obviously the riders in black aren’t the good guys, but represent the evil operating in the U.S. and in other nations!

The planes and helicopters have several meanings Technology has changed a lot for the mustangs, in man’s approach to trapping them and dispensing of them.  In many ways the planes and helicopters represent how technology is used in many ways to trap and deceive man into the enemies ways.

Because the planes and helicopters were enemies to the mustangs, they can represent enemies to the U.S people, or war planes that will be coming to take our freedom from another nation.

The planes and helicopters also represent the evil spirits operating in America to get their way, such as intimidation (represented by cursing, screaming and hollering at the mustangs; arm swinging, rope swinging and slapping, poking and prodding with sticks or whips; loud noises of planes / helicopters, dipping and swerving with planes or helicopters), oppression (being caught or penned up and freedom taken), condemnation (cursing, screaming and hollering at the horses) anxiety – worry – fear – torture – torment – harassment (separation of family members / friends; arm swinging, poking and prodding with sticks or whips, again cursing, screaming and hollering at the horses), manipulation and control (loud noises of planes / helicopters, dipping and swerving of planes / helicopters and cursing, screaming and hollering at the mustangs; separation of family members / friends; arm swinging, poking and prodding with sticks or whips) to get them to go where man wants and to try to get  the mustangs into the traps, deceptions or ways of man.

These and more are the same spirits the enemy uses against those in the Body of Christ to try to wear us down, to try to get us to submit to the enemy or to shut down as embracing depression, suicide, or other illnesses that set in , so we no longer want to be around our spiritual friends.  NOTICE these strategies the enemy uses are used over and over again.  AGAIN, this is to pummel or wear down  the Body of Christ, so we may become crushed under the enemy’s feet, rather than us crushing the enemy under our feet, as we should be doing!

The mustangs seem to be a little confused, as the other horses with riders are chasing them and pushing them to go in certain directions.  Mares are looking for foals and friends, as well as for their leader, for direction.

The horses under saddle / domesticated are TRAITORS TO THEIR OWN KIND.  These are the horses who are being manipulated and controlled by bits, reins, spurs, and the hands, weight, legs, and brain of the person riding them to torture, torment, harass, and capture the mustangs and take their freedom.

TRAITORS TO THEIR OWN KIND, hmmm know who the LORD was talking about here?  The LORD says to trust no one.  Not even our own hearts, for our own hearts lie to us, by trying to get us to manipulate the Word of God or by trying to get us to manipulate what God wants us to do, so we can have our way, and not God’s way.  In the end times, God says even your family members and friends will be used against you, so the enemy can try to have his way.  KNOW those who you share yourself with mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.  SEEK GOD.  DO NOT SHARE WHAT YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO SHARE, WITH ANYONE.  GOD IS A GREAT SECRET KEEPER AND BEST FRIEND AND LOVER.  HE WILL FILL ALL YOUR NEEDS, IF YOU LET HIM INTO A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU.  SEEK HIM FIRST IN ALL THINGS!

So the traitors are manipulated and controlled through bits, which represents something put in your mouth or told or done to you (intimidation / bullying/threats), to keep you from speaking the truth, so that you are manipulated and controlled by it, just as a horse is manipulated and controlled by the bit in their mouth.

Reins are attached to the bits in the horse’s mouth and are used to tell them which way to go, to stop them or back them up.  Have you ever felt like you had reins attached to you that were keeping you from going where you wanted to go?  Often times the enemy uses someone else to pull the “reins” to control us.

The rider’s hands are what is used to help guide the horse, as they are holding the reins which are connected to the bit.  A rider’s hands may be “soft” which means you will hardly, if at all, see them move to tell the horse what to do.  A good rider has “soft” hands, and usually works as one with the horse.  A rider who has “hard” hands will jerk, pull, and otherwise hurt the mouth of the horse they are trying to ride.  They are very obvious in their manipulation of trying to control the horse in whatever they are asking the horse to do.

A good rider uses spurs to give further emphasis to a command they have given.  A bad rider will use spurs to punish, torment, torture, and harass a horse.   Just as with people, spurs can be used as a weapon against a horse.  The “spurs” we use are often the words that come out of our mouths, either with obvious intent or by accident.  BUT we need to ask God to help us control our tongues or the Words and sounds that come out of our mouths, so that they are not used to harm, cause pain, suffering, or destroy another, as spurs are with a bad rider.  When we are having problems within or without ourselves, we usually take it out on those we love the most, whether it is a person, or our favorite animal.  Instead of speaking ten bad things for every one good thing, we need to change that around and speak ten good things for each one bad thing out of our mouth.

You may not think that a person’s weight has a lot to do with riding a horse, but in actuality it is paramount to riding.  When you ride you are over the horse’s kidneys.  So think of someone sitting on your kidneys, or throwing their weight around to get what they want.  It is the person’s weight and the use of their seat bones (one on each side of your buttocks) that may be used by a good rider to tell the horse what to do next.

The legs that I’m speaking of are the person’s legs.  Pressure of the legs or lack of it, by the rider, on the sides of the horse give the horse directions of forward, backwards, left, right, sideways, faster, slower, or even stopping.  When there is a good rider, you will see little or no movement of the legs, and an incredible “Oneness” with the horse. This “Oneness with the horse isn’t developed overnight or in five to ten minutes a day.  It takes hours and years to develop this “Oneness” with the horse, just like developing any great relationship.

In many ways it can be likened to our relationship or “Oneness” with the LORD.  IT DEVELOPS OVER SPENDING TIME TOGETHER AND SHARING AND BEING REAL OR TRANSPARENT WITH THE LORD. It becomes like a marriage, either good or bad, with your best friend or your enemy, depending greatly on your willingness to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY and FORGIVE.  So which is it, are you best friends or frienemies with the LORD, your spouse and those you call friend? Incredible relationships are grown through LOVE, much communication, patience, kindness, working together in cooperation, and learning to understand the needs and heart’s desire of your partner and much more, including BEING WILLING TO CHANGE TO WHAT THE LORD WANTS YOU TO BE, NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO BE.  IT IS ALL ABOUT HIM, NOT YOU.

It is like that with a horse or person, you are trying to blend together to become One, in so doing there is a give and take that has to be given ground and lots of loving discipline and unconditional love.  Discipline goes with love, because without loving discipline, there grows a love of contention / conflict and love of each other is forgotten or down the tubes.  You can’t have that “Oneness, when there is contention in your house with the LORD, in your marriage relationship or in the Body of Christ.

We must all come together under God’s headship with His rules, which were set aside through the Ten Commandments.

Trying to have an incredible relationship, like you should have with the LORD, your spouse or a friend and eventually with your enemy, would be really hard to come by, unless you are following the direction of the  LORD to LOVE YOUR ENEMY AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.  This kind of love that only God can give, may be one of the secret weapons the LORD uses to turn the tide back to Him in the U.S. and in other nations.  It is HIS LOVE THAT CONQUERS ALL.

The human brain is a marvelous thing.   It is obviously necessary for us and is necessary in working with horses, whether they are domesticated or wild.  It is the human brain when combined with all of the above factors that helps to intertwine the relationship between the horse and rider.  But when the brain isn’t turned off to allow a relationship with the horse, then neither operates well, and much is  lost. Instead of “Oneness” of being together, there is “Twoness” or each works separately of the other.  There is no unity between them.

It is the same in your relationship with the LORD, your spouse, or friends.  When you leave your brain on all the time, it becomes a spirit of intellectualism that tries to logically prove everything.  Trust and faith in the LORD goes down the tube and you begin to rely on your brain to solve all of your problems instead of seeking and waiting on the LORD to do it. If He doesn’t do it in your allotted time, then do not move forward on your own.  If He doesn’t tell you to do it, don’t.  Be obedient to Him, not your heart.

The horses were herded towards a canyon.  Once the horses began to realize where they were headed and that danger was near, there began to be upheaval in the herd.  There was struggle and conflict, as there were those who tried to get away by sneaking off the beaten path, without being noticed.  The leader was separated from his group, lassoed, and taken out of sight of the herd.

Just like the herd, when people sense danger there is an upheaval, struggle and conflict among them, if in a group.  They look for a way out, to avoid danger.

The herd, just like a group of people, is easier to manage or control, without a leader or watchman to warn them through signals.

The leader of the herd, is the one who gives directions, so without him, the herd wanders and mills around, not knowing what to do next.  This is the same with people.  The leader is also generally the one who is willing to push through areas that needed to be pushed for the group to attain freedom once again.

The mustangs are penned or captured and sent to wherever the men in black want them sent to.  This ends their freedom in the wild.

When the people of Israel were captured by other nations, many had their spirit broken.  In many ways they were broken and tamed or domesticated, like the wild horses.  For the mustangs who didn’t agree to their new lifestyle, some were destroyed by their captors or sold to another, for not co-operating or doing what is wanted.  It was the same with the Israelites.  Because the wild mustangs are symbolic of the U.S.A., is this the same that will happen in the U.S.A.?

PART 2 – Word

Then I heard the LORD say, “Wake up, daughter, and write.” 

“I have heard the cry of the intercessors.  I have seen many stretched out on the floor before Me, crying tears of repentance, fasting, and praying to Me, asking to be given another chance.

As a nation, there are many things that have been done by the people of this nation, America, to challenge Me, to say that I AM no longer the leader of this nation.  This nation was given back to Me by some, after I brought them here.  There are still those who believe that this nation is Mine and live My Lifestyle or My Way.

Those people who have chosen to follow the path of witchcraft entered the colonies through the open door of rebellion, which I had used for the good of the colonies, to free them from Great Britain.

Those in witchcraft chose to use rebellion and to lead another lifestyle.  They were as rebellious as the Israelites I delivered out of Egypt.  They were and are the ones who are continually stirring the pot, who want to rule and reign for themselves.  They were and are the ones who have turned their back on Me, so they serve themselves instead of Me.

I have given America more chances, thinking that they needed to hear someone from the outside speaking to them, from another nation.  Warnings have been issued by My prophets, by ones that have been sent by Me to this nation, to speak to this nation, to warn them of their ways, so that they could turn around and live the lifestyle I have called them to.

But, they have been rejected and cast aside.  Prophets have cried from afar, from other nations, but to little or no avail.  I have brought some from other nations to live and work here, to speak into the heart of this nation, to help turn it around.  I have taken those in this nation willing to speak for Me, and used them to speak to this nation.

My patience wears thin.  Wars and rumors of wars have erupted in other nations.  What makes this nation think that I will not allow it to happen here?  PRIDE, REBELLION, STUBBORNNESS, INTELLECTUALISM, PERVERSION, GREED, IDOLATRY, DEATH, BLINDED EYES, CONTROLLED and CONFUSED MINDS, powers of witchcraft that have led My People astray.

The people in this nation have many working against this nation, that are within it and outside of it.  Many who do not follow Me.  Many who seek to take this nation by force if needed, so they can rule and reign.

This nation, has moved little further into My Ways, and continues on the path of the Israelites in the desert.  They refuse to give up the past to move into the future, MY FUTURE.  They continue to hang onto their pride, rebellion, and independence, and refuse to give them to Me, for a life of humility and dependence on Me.

They would rather use intellectualism to figure something out, than to seek Me and wait for My answer.  They want to live at Burger King and have it their way, rather than My Way.  I didn’t say My Way was easy.  There is a cost to everything.  Are you willing to count the cost and come with Me, for the ride of your lives?

I AM calling My people out into a life of holiness, into a life of worshipping Me, into a lifestyle of warfare for Me.  Time is short.  War is in the air, and many have not sought Me, for the plans I have for them at this time.  I would say to you, SEEK ME.  FIND OUT MY PLANS FOR YOU.  THEY MAY NOT BE THE SAME AS YOUR NEIGHBOR.  THAT IS WHY THEY ARE YOUR PLANS, NOT THEIRS.  





 Love, Abba”

Remember, Words of Warning are to be prayed into by the body of Christ.  That’s why the LORD gives them to us.  He is warning us, so that we can pray to turn the tide, to His way of Holiness, Righteousness, and Truth, rather than ours.



God Bless You!
Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

Beverly Juelsgaard-FischerGod has allowed Beverly to minister all over the world through the internet, and in person through conferences, church services, and small groups.  Beverly’s heart is to see the Body of Christ walk in the freedom that God means for them, so they can develop a deep intimacy with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  She ministers to others through prophetic words, and other gifts, bringing breakthrough and calling people into a constant pursuit of His Heart to actively hear His voice for themselves and others. Beverly lives near Danville, VA.

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