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Dreams of the Coming Nephilim Giants — 20 Comments

  1. Hi

    I had a weird dream about giants and aliens. I was at a place with very high walls and gates,impossible that human beings may have built that as we were too small/tiny to even carry one brick. I knew there were giants immediately. Then came warriors that were fighting aliens. It’s almost as if at that place there were both giants and aliens. The small ppl I saw could be giants too only if the applied sumn under their feet, I did and became a giant. We were fighting aliens that were drawn by blood and killed this civilization. There was one giant in particular that everyone was scared of and when she appeared she was an old harmless lady but I was scared she’d see me and recognize that I didn’t belong there. She shot a fiery aero to sumn that looked like a skeleton long dog. I jumped up on to the other building and woke up.

    • You were in a realm there are many dimensions the lord created many things not just what we see on earth so don’t be afraid when you go to sleep always meditate in you mind that the lord is with you and when you spirit captures the word when you go to these places that the lord is showing you to engage in you will know that he’s with you.He will teach you how to take back territories that the enemy has tried to occupy .when something is getting out of hand in your dream he will pull you out just as he did he will keep bringing you to these place so you can have the victory

      • I had a dream last night the I was by the ocean kind of and everyone started hearing sirens and people were screaming monster is coming and then these giants and demons came it was so visual but hard to explain but after that the demons were killing people but so was we it’s like our military wasn’t on anyone’s side ? I was even so confused on my dream I had no clue what to do then this guy came with people to where the beach house was wanting revenge on somebody over a tiger then they killed someone and left shortly after that the giants came but they left again and more demons came but in the end I had figured out each demon was there for a specific person and only u could stop your demon it was so weird but by that time I was soooo terrified because I’ve had dreams like this before but not this real and I kept telling myself I wish I would’ve listened before to them and I just felt the feeling of me losing hope and just wanted to die and my grandma came told me she already knew and just sooooo much more crazy stuff it’s trying to fade out my brain but I keep trying hard to keep it my other dream was my grandma sitting me down at a table telling me I’m supposed to change the world and now this?? I’m just so confused and want answers

  2. Hi
    I had a very strange and disturbing dream. I say strange as I do not believe in aliens and I am not sure if it was one. I was in a place with other people high on a mountain, sleeping when I noticed something at the glass door. It was a green small man with a blue dot in the middle of his head. He was cutting the glass with this dot. I woke up everyone and we fled down the mountain and as we were walking, I looked up and saw several giants coming up. I uttered these words: ‘It’s the Nephilum’, please sit down so that they don’t see us but as they walk towards us one of them grabbed me but I fought and fell down the mountain but someone grabbed me and said- They left – they were in a hurry. Now, I don’t use the name ‘Nephilum’ ever so I went to the Bible in order to understand what they really were. I really need to know what this means

  3. We are informed that giants, the Nephilim, the “fallen ones”, existed in the antediluvian world as well as after the Great Flood. The earliest accounts of giants occur in times before Adam.

    In those days, a group of celestial beings descended from heaven.

    Who those celestial beings were is a matter of opinion. Some alternative ancient researchers think these divine scientists manipulated the genes of various kinds of animal life and as a result, they genetically engineered a race of humanoids of gigantic stature.

    These were the first giants, the pre-Adamites.

    According to the Bible, those who descended to Earth and mated with the women of Earth were the “fallen angels”, (the Watchers), a group of 200 high-ranked divine beings.

    The giants referred to in Genesis are thus the result of interbreeding between humans and fallen angels.
    The Nephilim procreated not only among themselves but created also offspring with the homo sapiens. The offspring of the Nephilim were giants known as the “Gibborim”, “heroes of old, men of renown”, which are mentioned in Genesis 6. The Gibborim were not as tall and powerful as the Nephilim, but they were nevertheless a dangerous warrior race.

    • Hi Marilyn. I highly suspect Kevin Zadai to be a false prophet. There are quite a few reasons for this, but I won’t argue it here. Please test his teaching with the Word of God and with prayer. But if he isn’t a false prophet, I believe he is misinterpreting scripture quite badly in this instance. The sons of God are the Nephilim. It is semantically splitting hairs to say otherwise. I’m an English teacher and he makes a blatantly incorrect grammatical and sentence structure error when interpreting Genesis 6:4.

  4. Hi Tim,

    What you mentioned seems to come out of the cinemas. Films like Independence Day. It is one thing to fight demons and principalities but giants? Why would God allow them to torment man whom He created, it makes no sense. I thought David and his men slew the rest of the sons of Anak?

    • Why did Goliath fight against the Israelites (God’s people)?
      The devil hates God & HIS CREATION…MAN!
      The devil kills, steals & destroys, (any way he can). John 10:10. 
      The devil doesn’t just want to knock you down or make you sad. HE WANT TO KILL YOU! Because you/man are created in God’s image!
      The devil is an imitator. He can counterfeit anything of God EXCECPT the BLOOD of Jesus.
      Believe it or not but God has portals. People have seen them & gone through them. So why wouldn’t you think that the devil would have portals in the second heaven?
      Nephilem have different shape skulls than humans. Hinse, you can tell them by their bones.

    • Hi Ezekiel,

      God allowed Israel to face giants in taking the Promised Land (Numbers 13:33). David also faced Goliath who was a Nephilim descendent. The Bible also says that such giants were on Earth ‘before’ and ‘after’ the flood. This isn’t science-fiction, there is good evidence for this in the Bible. And as for God allowing them to ‘torment’ His creation, well, God allows mankind to torment one another because of the fallen nature of the world, why should this be any different? But if you notice from my dream, God didn’t reveal that the giants would torment HIS people (I escaped from the giants).

      God allowing these similar days to Noah shows that the world is once again becoming overridden with sin like in Noah’s day. This means that the world is deserving of a similar judgment. Seeing as they want wickedness as much as that Day, then the world deserves what that wickedness entails: more of the enemy’s rule and sway on the earth (and manifestation of his servants). Plus, Scripture itself says: ‘We know that we are of God, and that the whole world is under the power of the evil one’ (1 John 5:19). There is a reason Paul said:

      ‘No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.’ (Romans 8:39)

      Because there ARE other created things that exist, and some of those things do the work of the evil one. Even the Pentagon is now releasing obvious ‘otherworldly-aircraft’ which shows that these Nephilim descendants will be revealed soon. But there is nothing to fear. God will protect His people. God will give them a way of escape.

      • Following on from my comment above –

        Steve Quayle has written on this subject. See his website and links to books at – https://www.stevequayle.com

        Also, do a Google search on the subject. Many have preached on this subject.

        Before God revealed this to me in dreams, I too would have struggled with this subject. But make no mistake about it, Nephilim are in the Bible and they are coming again. We must prepare by having our lives be clean before the Lord, walking according to His ways, and interceding in prayer. Bless you brother.

  5. There has been giants bones discovered all over the world. Some being as tall as 20 feet tall. You can see pictures on the internet of these. These skeletal have been systematically disappearing. The powers that be, don’t want these bones researched because it might debunk the theory of evolution!
    Take Stone Hinge for example? People ask, “How did this get done with their primitive means?” Well, if your a 20 foot tall Nephilem with proper body mass, it would be easy.
    Just saying.

  6. Also you might like to search
    X22 Report Today
    on UTUBE. Dave gives reports on the running battle between the Deep State (corrupt CIA, FBI, evil Political elite) and the Trump/American Patriots. He talks about a “Q” that is some sort of deep state good guy that is providing FACTS/DOCUMENTS of their corruption,to the PATRIOTS/Trump.

  7. On Sept.2 an asteroid came very close to the earth. They closed observitors across America so people wouldn’t know. This was NOT in the media!
    We are in an asteroid debre field. There are asteroids that will hit the earth & cause tidal waves, forest fires, etc.
    Search ASTROIDS on the internet.
    Nephilem are coming through portals.

  8. Search “Nephilem and American soldiers” on the internet. American soldiers killed a Nephilem in Afganistan. The Nephilem killed an American soldier, but the Special Forces ended up killing him. He was loaded on a pallet & sent to a secret facility in (Ohio) America. There are a lot of other articles on how the Nephilem could have possible got into the world.

  9. Some interpreters believe that the “sons of God” were angels since Job 1:6 and Psalm 29:1 use this title for them. But Jesus told us that angels “neither marry nor are given in marriage” (Mark 12:25).
    Some believe the “sons of God” were kings since people in the ancient Near East often associated their royal figures with divinity. However, the Bible never does.
    An interesting approach suggests that the “sons of God” were descendants of Seth, the godly child of Adam and Eve, and the “daughters of men” were descendants of the evil Cain. In this view, what happened here was intermarriage across tribal and spiritual lines.
    But the author of Genesis could easily have made this clear yet didn’t.
    I think the clues we need are found in the text immediately surrounding our passage. Scripture intends to be clear and was very clear to its original audience. So we must ask ourselves: What did they understand these words to mean?
    Genesis 2 says that God formed man from the ground, and woman from man (vs. 7, 23). So calling men the “sons of God” and women the “daughters of men” was simply repeating what the readers of Genesis already knew and what the rest of the Bible teaches as well.
    The Bible refers to men as “sons of God” in nine different places (cf. Deuteronomy 14:1, 32:5, Psalm 73:15, Isaiah 43:6–7, Hosea 1:10, 11:1, Luke 3:38, 1 John 3:1–2, 10). The text here seems simply to refer to men and women. And nothing in these verses ties these “sons of God and daughters of man” specifically to the flood that follows. They were simply populating the earth as God had commanded them (Genesis 1:28).

    • Alan, this is not correct. The Bible says that the angels that fell and didn’t keep their proper abode are kept in chains for the day of judgment (Jude). So when did that happen exactly? They were the angels who didn’t keep their proper ‘abode’ and so came to the daughters of men on Earth.

      Mixing seed with Seth would not negate a Messiah. Because it would still be human seed, and Jesus could still save through human seed. Only mixing seed with angels could render Messiah’s work on a cross ineffectual, because Scripture says God does not provide Salvation for angels.

      It makes no sense to say that giants were created by God, there is no evidence for that. Why would God make normal humans and giant humans? It also doesn’t make logical sense to say giants would come from normal sized humans.

      The Scripture you use for angels not marrying refers to the future time of the coming Kingdom, not now, and not for the past history of the Earth. The Scripture clearly denotes this time as being at the ‘resurrection’, which has not taken place yet.

      Scripture also says that giants were on earth ‘after’ the flood – see Gen.6:4. Israel also faced them in the Promised Land (Numbers 13:33).

      This is not a tradition of man. This has been revealed by the Spirit of the Lord, and clearly revealed by the Word of God. Respectfully, please can I ask you to carefully examine your motive for taking your stance. If it is just out of fear, then that is a more human motive and more human tradition than wanting the truth. Also, you are taking scriptures to do all you can to explain away the obvious fact that there were giants in Old Testament times, and there will be giant Nephilim coming soon in our day. Whether you believe it or not, it is coming. So please prepare spiritually brother. God bless.

  10. My brothers and sisters please don’t be deceived, the Bible speaks of that angels are not give in marriage. See Luke 20:34 And Jesus answering said unto them, (remember He, only says the truth) The children of this world marry, and are given in marriage: and the sons of God are children of the world as it says in Luke 3:23- 38 Which was the son of Enos, which was the son of Seth, which was the son of Adam, which was the son of God.
    Matt 22:29-30 Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God. 30 For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.
    Angels did not sleep with humans, this is a major deception, when you understand the Bible you will understand that the ” sons of God” is referred to the seed of Seth who was in place of Abel and the daughters of men was the seed of Cain. Nephilim is not the result of the two seeds mixing, they, giants, existed already and they were not mystical creatures they were giants. The devil was aware that Jesus would come through the seed of Seth but didn’t know when therefore he tried everything to destroy the lineage and there for mixing the seed. Please, brothers and sisters don’t be deceived. This type of teaching will open doors to many things the media betrays today. God bless?

    The Nephilim:
    “The Nephilim /ˈnɛfɪˌlɪm/ (Hebrew: נְפִילִים‎, nefilim) were the offspring of the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men” before the Deluge, according to Genesis 6:1–4.
    A similar or identical biblical Hebrew term, read as “Nephilim” by some scholars, or as the word “fallen” by others, appears in Ezekiel 32:27.” (© Wikipedia)
    Early in my Spiritual journey with truth; On one Thanksgiving day I was going to dinner at one of my sisters house when Father unveiled to me about the so called Nephilim’s theory. I didn’t know that we were going to discuss this theory after dinner, but Father did and what He unveiled to me is what I’m writing in this article. It’s also my belief that it’s high time we leave carnal traditions of men and really follow God in the regeneration of truth. Yes, On a trip to see some relatives one Thanksgiving Father place into my spirit what this article is saying, refuting the carnal, traditional teachings, beliefs of men.
    “Nephilim.” “Nephilim” is a transliteration of the Hebrew word nephilim, which is the plural form of the word nephiyl (#05303 נְפִיל), from the Hebrew root word naphal, “to fall.” The word nephilim means “fallen ones,” and it is translated that way in Young’s Literal Version of the Bible
    Hebrew: Nephilim, meaning “violent” or “causing to fall” (Gen. 6:4). These were the violent tyrants of those days, those who fell upon others. The word may also be derived from a root signifying “wonder,” and hence “monsters” or “prodigies.” In Num. 13:33 this name is given to a Canaanitish tribe, a race of large stature, “the sons of Anak.” The Revised Version, in these passages, simply transliterates the original, and reads “Nephilim.”

    Black Lives Matter & Antifa are Rioters, Looters, Murders are the Nephilim.

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