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Dreams & Their Interpretation — 2 Comments

  1. Agreed!  I do not believe the Lord would give us dreams, if their interpretation only required that we turn to a given stock of “interpretations”, rather than to turn to Him as the Interpreter.

  2. Yes, I would say that if you don’t know what your dream means when you wake up then it is not from God because God’s main purpose everything He does with us is to give us understanding. The dream can as time goes forth be extended and more understanding will be added to it but you can never have a dream that you when you wake up don’t have a clue about what it means. Most things in our brain works apart from God’s influence and lack of understanding or misunderstanding is that sign.

    The same way as with dreams it does not exist anything such as a “Bible code” where for example certain colors or numbers has a certain meaning. Different numbers in the Bible has a deep meaning but it is a meaning that opens up more parables and understanding from the hidden things in Scriptures, things which will not be found in any other book than in Scriptures itself and revealed by the Father.

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