Drinking from the wrong Cup


Another king was giving a great feast; they were all eating and drinking; having a grand time.  The party was in full swing and the guests were having a real bash.  The king decided to send for the golden vessels that had been captured and taken from the Temple, when the City was overrun.  He wanted he and his friends, to drink wine out of these beautiful vessels.  So, they poured up, and continued drinking and being merry.  Until suddenly, part of a hand appeared, and began writing something on the wall.  Guests noticed, that the King suddenly frowned.

Nobody could interpret the message.  The king was very troubled; none of his magicians, his seers, his wise counselors, were of any help.  I find it a bit strange, that this man had already heard of Daniel.  He knew that he was a worshipper of the true God, and that he was gifted in things; where there was doubt and confusion.  He happened to be the son of the man who was eating grass; he already knew what his father had done and what it had cost him.  This time, there was no chance to recover; he was slain, and his kingdom was given to others.  Might there be a message in this for us today.  He knew too much; he was aware of what the real God, could do.

There are things that do not belong to us.  God’s church, is one of them.  We did not pay for it; we did not hang on a cruel tree to purchase it.  We are not the head shepherd; He is. I once heard a minister say “my sheep.”  I know he was talking about the members of his church; but it seems that he was considered the total authority there.  It appeared, that he must have had the idea that they belonged to him, because no one but him, could tell them anything.  Nothing could be said or done, if he did not approve it.  One might have thought, that even the building it all was in, was his, when in reality, if it belonged to anyone, it belonged to the people who worked and shelled out their money to pay for it.  If I recall, it all may have offended the Spirit.

God given talent, whether it is singing or playing an instrument, does not belong to the person who it has been given to.  It belongs to God.  Even if one is blessed with the ability to speak, or to preach, or even to teach, it may have come from the One who gives all great gifts.  To use any of these things, for one’s own personal control or gain, is an affront to the Spirit of God.  Using any gift of the Spirit, for your own advancement or to relish in praise for yourself and draw people to you, is a misuse of God’s property.  I have often wondered, why God did not let people get away with any such things back in the Old Testament; but it seems, He does now.  Or does He.

I recall a situation, when a man wanted to pay the apostles, so he could lay hands on people and they would receive the Holy Ghost.  He had seen them do it; he wanted such power for himself.  He ended up begging the apostles to pray God’s mercy on him, when they told him he was about to perish.  Is it possible, that some of us need to be reminded, it is not our wisdom and knowledge we are passing out; not if it’s really of God.

We must not forget, that absolutely everything we have, is on loan.  We did not call ourselves; not if we are the real thing.  We were not given things, so we could be harsh, brash, offensive or caustic.  We can either help a lot of people, or we can hurt a lot of people.

God doesn’t take back those gifts or callings.  But, He can strongly remind us, whose cup, we are really using.


Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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