Elisha Knew Gehazi’s Doings Before He Could Even Say!


“…Then he went in and stood before his master. Elisha asked him, “Where have you even?  Did my heart not go with you, when the man turned from his chariot to meet you?  Is it a [proper] time to accept money and clothing and olive orchards and vineyards and sheep and oxen and male and female servants?  Therefore, the leprosy of Naaman shall cling to you and to your descendants forever.”  So Gehazi departed from his presence, a leper as white as snow,”   (2 Kings 5).

Gehazi’s HEART ISSUES cast a shadow upon Elisha’s prophetic ministry.

To the people this was no better than the way of the FALSE PROPHETS of their day because Gehazi’s heart had SELFISH AMBITIONS and WRONG MOTIVES in it.

He thought he could hide it, but Elisha was a SEER and his heart motives were made known.

Elisha knew the significance of PROPER ALIGNMENT and a PURE HEART.

He caught the mantle of Elijah and walked in it. Gehazi gave into the IMPURE MOTIVES of HIS HEART and it COST HIM and his descendants.

The Lord is exposing hidden motives in this hour.  He’s exposing hidden agendas, conversations, and plans of the enemy.

He’s exposing because many are posing as something they are not.

He’s exposing because we are called to release and walk in purity.  He’s exposing because the mixture is a stench to His nostrils.

He’s going after His name to see it restored rightly in the earth.  The fullness of Him who sits on the throne.

Purity of heart is where it all starts.

He’s coming after it.  He’s showing you what you don’t want to see all around you, as well as within you, so He can heal you and those all around you.

The lines are being drawn.  Face the hard things.  Make the hard decisions.  no room for compromise or partial obedience.  Will you go the way of Gehazi or Elisha?

He’s brought you to the edge, and it’s time to face what you have wrestled with, or even denied.

The shift is here.  Choose wisely.


With love and hope,
~ Brian & Julie Price

Brian & Julie PriceBrian and Julie Price are prophetic warriors for the Kingdom of God with hearts burning for purity in the prophetic, a longing to see the captives set free, and a generation rise; equipped, empowered, and encouraged to walk as sons and daughters of God!
They are prophetic seers/ intercessors, with testimonies of hope and healing in their own lives from various forms of abuse and hurts, pain and mistakes, tragedy and betrayals, they’ve been forged in the fire and come forth gold for the glory of the Kingdom!
Together, Brian and Julie have a background in inner healing, deliverance and public speaking, having served in numerous ways in ministry for many years; equipping them to see people set free and launched into their destinies!
From Morgantown, WV, Brian and Julie reside with their precious son Cole, where they actively serve in their home church, Covenant Church, in Fairmont, WV.
For more information, please email:  warrior.princess1212@yahoo.com

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Elisha Knew Gehazi’s Doings Before He Could Even Say! — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, Gehazi and his descendants were cursed with leprosy for eternity.  However, the greatest comeback is in 2 Kings 8. Not only did Gehazi contract leprosy, but he spoke to the king. The lowest and the highest!!!  The name of the member for Brisbane Central is “Grace Grace.” God’s grace multiplied!!!

  2. Yes, cursed with leprosy forever. However, in 2 Kings 8 we read about a great comeback. Gehazi was speaking with the king! From the lowest to the highest!!!