Evolution V Revolution


Many people calling themselves born-again, are the product of evolution, with no heart change.  They have spent years in the church atmosphere, and have been educated in all the lingo and formalities that appear very spiritual.

No one ever thinks to witness to them, because they have been a fixture for so long.  Some have even taught how to witness and how to be a Christian.  They would never consider the possibility that they might not be born again, because the thought is so ridiculous.  No one would ever suspect they are more lost, than the one who has never seen the inside of a church building.

Evolution takes place in the head, where you learn how to act like a Me.  The better actor you are, the more people you fool.  Many church’s are filled with actors and actresses ,  “Ever learning their roles, but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth,”  2 Timothy 3:7.

Thousands of church goers are so highly educated and skilled in the things of My Spirit, that they can never be distinguished, from the genuine kingdom citizen.  The reason these people are so hard to distinguish is they have no idea of their condition themselves.  They are convinced of their salvation, because they have evolved over a long period of time, out of a religious environment.

As a teen they have always been accepted as one of the believers, never really challenged, because there was no one to really challenge them.  They were always encircled by a multitude of good, fun loving, lukewarm Christians.

Some are pastors kids, and church leaders children.  Some have not missed a service in years.  Prayer, preaching, speaking in tongues, worship, offerings, special meetings, people going, people coming and people going, board meetings, they are so used to it, I am faded out of the picture.  When I fade out of the picture, mammon takes over and the church becomes nothing more than big business.  Pastors become CEOs, leaders become managers, workers become staff and employees, and the lost become potential customers to support the business.  Some call this a seeker friendly church “having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: true believers should run from such places,”   2 Timothy 3:5.

A revolution unlike evolution is instant, and takes place in the heart, rather than the head.  When a person believes in their hear and then confesses with their mouth, they are suddenly born again.  The mouth confesses that I have replaced mammon on the throne of their heart,  Romans 10:9.  Unlike the actors they have come to realize that, “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.  They are fully convinced they cannot serve God and mammon,” Matthew 6:24.   That’s when true repentance occurs and I take the throne of their heart.

Do a checkup up today and see if you have evolved or have been revolutionized.  Read carefully 1 Corinthians chapter 13 and Hebrews chapter 11 and see how you match up.

When you are revolutionized, you suddenly find yourself,  “in Me, your acting career and the old things of evolution, pass away; the masks come off and behold, all things really become new, because you have experienced a revolution in your heart,”   2 Corinthians 5:17.


Post Script:  

Right after I sent this out, the Lord spoke to me and said,

“It is much harder to be saved from this evolution, than it is from a totally un-churched life of all out blatant sin, because those in evolution must first be convinced they are sinners and must repent, and that’s very difficult.” 


Jim Hammerle

Jim HammerleJim Hammerle  (1941-2017) began ministry working with David Wilkerson and Nicky Cruz, founding Teen Challenge Philadelphia. 6 times in the mission field pastoring a mission ship, 15 years with tv and radio, teaching, and preaching.  As a retired businessman, Jim helped to feed widows and orphans in Uganda, helping Muslims find the Jesus who fed them. He became His banker and was privileged to give His money away, wherever He decided, so he also helping to build an orphanage in Haiti and investing in lives in the USA. Totally in love with his Lord, at age 73 he served in ministry at Victory Christian Church and lived every hour listening for his Heavenly Father’s voice.  Jim passed away on May 23, 2017 to be with the LORD.


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  1. Thank you for your concern to the lost brother.
    I could have titled your article “Evolution Verses revival.” Whenever we see the church in declension or not doing her LORD’s biding we need to cry out to the LORD to send a true HOLY Spirit directed revival. then, we will be able to see the GLORY of GOD. And only then we can truly say, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” Luke 18:27.

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