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Faith in God Brings a True Heart — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you brother Elijah Elijah JIMs. I read the references you provided and was built up in my faith.

    Would you like to share some of your writing on my home website?

  2. TOP Excellent Heavenly WORDS Mature Teaching consolidating our HIGHEST FAITH, to todays and times to come yet, fighting the doubts & lies, exposed from darkness ways sources, that include many of the embroiled earth governments against “GOD” at all deplorable confusion circumstances invented levels..! AMÉN,AMÉN,AMÉN;SELAH..!
    The above message is also a total Spiritual “CLEANSING” in the current living atmospheres around our walking’s against the Enemies of Darkness. AMÉN..! 


    PR 22

    EX 11

    EPH 4

    2 TI 3

    TI 2

    LK 6

    1 CO 15

    PS 32

    JMS 3

    RO 12

    AMÉN..!> SELAH..! we must TALK to ♥♥♥HIM to hear the true answers from HIS full KINGDOM Laws responses & teachings, AMÉN..! as HE is the ONLY TRUTH, showing and bringing PURITY & PERFECT “S H A L O M” in our souls inside’s♥♥♥ AMÉN..!