Faith Proclamations for Victory!


Thanks be to God, who always leads me in triumph.

I affirm that I’m victorious in Christ.  I have the world-overcoming faith.

I hail from God, I’m God’s offspring, for greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.

I’m never alone, I have the Holy Spirit my eternal Helper, my Strengthener, guiding me along paths of righteousness, leading me from glory to glory.

I live on the mountain top, I refuse to condescend to a life of defeat.

I’m not victim, I’m a victor

I’m not a coward, I’m a champion for life.

I’m not fainting, I’m flourishing.

I’m the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, I’m highly favoured, I’m rich and loaded.

I’m full of God’s love, therefore, I’m winning everyday.

I affirm that the challenges of life, will bring out the champion in me.

No matter what comes my way, I’m invigorated in my spirit, strengthened with miracle-working abilities.

Mountains melt before me, barriers are broken in Jesus’s name.

I live life as God intended it.  HALLELUJAH.


Robert Ssesanga

Robert SsesangaPastor Robert Ssesanga
 founded Aflame Gospel Ministries and is Senior Pastor of Aflame Gospel Assembly in Kampala, Uganda.  An author and speaker, he travels internationally preaching the Gospel with signs, miracles and wonders, as God attests to His word with power.  His emphasis on victorious living and enjoying the supernatural life has impacted many lives in many nations.  His passion is to demonstrate the gospel and impact generations.

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