False Prophets in the Body of Christ


Warning: many false prophets invade the Church Body…

Please know and understand that today, there is extreme danger for believers who are faithfully serving the LORD!

The danger does not come from the lost world as much as from the devil coming into the inner court and acting like an angel of light!

He wants to infiltrate from……. Within…..

When he or she comes, they will come in speaking good things.  The things they say may be to commend you and make you feel good.

Then after you have invited them in and they get entrenched in your home or church…

Then they will begin:

Giving all sort of false prophecies to make you feel like somehow you have failed . Their reason is to bring you down in discouragement and make you question God.

False prophets or prophetesses….  are people who are not serving the LORD [as they claim they are] but they serve and listen to familiar spirits. [sent from the evil one… Satin].

It will not take you long to realize that you are talking to someone who does not agree with sound doctrine.  Sound doctrine is totally necessary today to expose them…..  as they will not agree with the Word of God.  Then you will know them for who they really are…. Devils!

Another thing that false prophets / prophetesses target is that they want to bring their evil presence and wicked spirit into your inner chambers.  They assert their evil spiritual power into your living room.

Then they turn the knife and begin to torment you.  Before your realize it, you will begin to experience lots of unrest.  Probably will not be able to sleep well, and then things begin to go wrong.

This is when the false prophet / prophetess will step up and say…. note this:

“Let me pray with you and help you!”

So what sort of help do you think they have for you?

I will tell you what…. They want to help you out of town and totally discredit you and if they can….. kill you.

This danger is very real.  I warn you.

Check out all who come to you offering to come in and be a part or help in ministry.. etc…


Do not get in a hurry to talk to them fully about the scriptures.  Listen carefully to their answers.


Pray for the Holy Spirit’s gift of discernment.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will show you Words of Knowledge and Wisdom concerning them.


If after all you do to protect yourself fails…

Fight.  Fight to win.  Do not be easy but take up the sword of the spirit and the shield of faith.  Put on the armour of the LORD.

Go to battle with your spiritual weapons. Do not spare, but drive the sword to their heart.

Do the world a favor…. Drive them back to hell where they come from!

Be sure to know TRUE from F A L S E !


  • Guard against those “Creepers” who are come in unnoticed.
  • Guard against those “Sneakers” who silently slip by into the room.
  • Guard against those who distort the truth.
  • Guard against those selfish who do whatever they want in the name of the LORD.
  • Guard against those who cover their immorality and make jokes of it.
  • Guard against those who deny and disown the LORD.
  • Guard against those who talk about the LORD but do not serve Him.

I say it is time to march and say: “Enough is enough!

Be diligent to preach against the devil and all of his deception.

“Beloved, while I was making every effort to write you about our common salvation, I was compelled to write to you [urgently] appealing that you fight strenuously for [the defense of] the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints [the faith that is the sum of christian belief that was given verbally to believers].
For certain people have crept in unnoticed [just as if they were sneaking in by a side door].  They are ungodly persons whose condemnation was predicted long ago, for they distort the grace of our god into decadence and immoral freedom [viewing it as an opportunity to do whatever they want], and deny and disown our only master and lord, jesus christ,”   Jude 3-4.

Sometimes we must fight.  Turn the cheek yes,,, but after that?  Fight.  Fight to win.


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey
The light will shine in His glory… In the desert.

Ken DeweyEvangelist/ Prophet/ Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder ofOUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES in Belen, New Mexico, USA.  He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words,  Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry.
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False Prophets in the Body of Christ — 1 Comment

  1. So true ! Many can’t stand when you have the right Scripture at the right time. False prophets mostly have only this in their minds, hearts and thoughts: That YOU are the problem, not they. And they want to get rid of YOU. At least they want to bring you into a bad light. And when you tell them to stop their gossip or their love for mingling psychological doctrines with biblical truth, you can be assured that they try everything to bring
    you under their game of oprression. Someone called them “destiny killers”. They always want to have the last say. I am glad, so happy and glad, that GOD’S WORDS are the most holy words and that HE has the last say.