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Fear, Anxiety and Stress — 3 Comments

  1. Yesss…I AGREE…”Faith displaces fear, joy and confidence are restored and your ability to hear from God becomes stronger.” Laura

    I admit fear has ALWAYS.play it’s roll in my life greatly. I exp the “what ifs and wish I can redo decisions i MADE”
    There is no such thing goin back in time GOD want us to move move FORWARD in HIS timing
    The impossible (the anxiety, fears of yesterday, today and tomorrow) is out of our control this is where HE steps in and leave it 2 HIM☝☝☝⌚⏰

  2. Your timely words have helped me today to relieve the fear, anxiety and stress of the day from my mind and spirit as I accept the Holy Spirit’s peace, faith and rest into my heart. Thank you Lord as I rest in your peace and am confident that Your plans and ways are higher than our plans and far better.

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