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Fear based vs Disorder based Anxiety — 1 Comment

  1. Dearest brother! Continue writing!! Father bless you!!!
    The answer to fear for poor little children who went through horrific satanic ritual abuse FILLED with fear, ect, and are now broken adults, the call from heaven is still, “Come to Me” and Isa. 61:1 I will heal your fearful broken heart and set you free from the demon(s) of fear that have bound you”
    The ministry of Jesus Christ of Nazareth is still as powerful today was it was when He was walking this earth.  It is still “His” ministry today.  In the world today they call it “DID”, Jesus calls it “Isa. 61:1”. 
    I have heard the literal stories of those who have been satanically abused where “FEAR” was totally injected into these children (not their fault).
    Now Jesus needs His servants, one with Him to serve Him in this capacity to Hear His Voice and minister to those “in fear” as He would to them