Feeling Guilty for Taking Time


In the past I’ve often felt guilty about taking time for myself, and that false belief has more than once taken a toll on me.

I believe it takes a toll on many people!  However, when I need to refuel and recharge my batteries I’ve realized that I need to be completely alone at times.  I need the solitude.  I crave it.  Lots of it!

When Jesus needed to really pray about something He went off to a “lonely” quiet place by himself ~ to talk it out with Father.  So, that is what I do.  And it’s often.

I go to this place where I know no one.  Where I can be alone to think and reflect.  To recharge.  To re-evaluate.

It’s on a high hill that gives me a 360o view of my city, and a full view of the Rocky Mountain Front Ranges.

It is a blessing to be able to do this!  To go to a place that is to me “exquisite and breathtaking.”

I also know that to whom much is given, much is also expected.  It weighs heavy on me at times to know and discern things going on around me and in the lives I am called into to interact with.

Being a compassionate and sometimes firm, “tough love” counselor, minister, and friend takes a lot of energy and spends my emotional capital.  I’m tremendously merciful and it takes a lot to get me to be blunt.

But when necessary and measured confrontation needs to take place, I yield to the convicting power of the Holy Spirit and speak with loving authority, knowing that some will act upon needed heart changes, and others will simply “re-act” and hunker down into bitterness or blame, determined to prove that they are the victim.

There are so many around me who are fighting fears and great pain, whether they are nearby, call on the phone to meet or write in an email.  Often their losses, wounds and needs are overwhelming them and sometimes I am slightly towed under by their grief and anguish.

I know then that I must get back to that place of solitude and rest my mind.  Regroup.  Listen for that whisper of comfort, wisdom and direction.

I look out over the vast plains and soaring mountain peaks and lift my heart up to the ONE who fully understands me and who knows my need for solitude.


….. Give Solitude an opportunity to draw you into Peace, even when the world around you is raging with disturbing reports.  The Voice of Heaven has important things to share with you!  Yes, YOU and YOU… ALONE. In quiet. In Solitude.

“Come near to God and He will come near to you,”   James 4:8.


In His Shadow,
~ Mary Lindow ©

Duplication and sharing of this writing is welcomed as long as complete message and website information for Mary Lindow is included.  Thank You!

” THE MESSENGER ” ~ Mary Lindow

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Feeling Guilty for Taking Time — 2 Comments

  1. Sister Mary, I type these words on my “alone” place, sitting on a big stone, listening to the water waves of a country lake that are splashing back and fro. The weary need those places as well as the autorities. Aren’t we all authorities in God’s eyes ? Yes, we are. Yes, it takes time to recover and to function all day long. Still we are able to get these refreshments. Some of our unknown brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ are behind prison walls and only have 1 hour every day to get fresh air. Let us give thanks
    for His divine gifts. We know not what tomorrow brings.

  2. I know what you are saying, I also go through these times. Today I have been going through it again, I know God hears me and His peace returns to me.
    Thank you.

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