Beware of the bad-seed sowers

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Called to Preach and Correct?

For all those who say they are called to ministry, BUT you afraid to go into these churches were the leaders and the congregation is in sin, were the leader is a whoremonger, the pastor is homosexual/ lesbian, Jezebel/ Ahab, Pharaoh/ Python, or they doing divination, then you are not called to preach the gospel.

The gospel is preached to sinners the lost backsliders.   We only want to preach to those already saved and filled, but we are afraid to go into the highways and byways, to the drug houses, into the areas of darkness.  We are just wasting our Oil, when our Oil suppose to be used to break and destroy yokes, to preach deliverance, to set the captives free, to loose those who are bound.

So let me help these self righteous souls, sitting in your little ceiled churches.  People, I’m called to bring light into dark places, and I can go into places where the leader is in sin, and the people are messed up, because that’s what I’m anointed to do.

My anointing is not for those who are whole, but for those that are torn-up from the floor up, those who have been overtaken in faults and sin, those not living right.

My mandate is not religious or denominational or churchy.  It is Kingdom business.  it is about souls being delivered, people being healed, chains loosed, bondages broken, minds renewed, deliverance and healings manifested.

I don’t have time for church games with church people who only looking for material gains and who prophesy these people are on the verge of dying in their sins, and yet are afraid to go into these places and bring the truth to them.

Listen, don’t tell me God is not sending us to the lost!  These are who Jesus came for, the lost!  I understand why some of you can’t deal with these people, because you doing the same things they are doing,  But there are those who are living holy and righteous lives, whom God is sending in to bust up the devil’s playhouse in his churches, to proclaim the truth of God’s word!

Yes God is doing a new thing because it’s time to win these souls!  All I want to know is where are the Glory carriers the atmosphere changers the demon drivers the word carriers the intercessors the watchmen it’s a call to duty now!

Beware of the bad-seed sowers 

Laying quietly, I just heard the Spirit of The Lord say, The same persons who are sowing seeds, are the ones who will cause you to bleed! 

He said be careful that you don’t accept any BLOOD MONEY!  Men and women of God, pay close attention spiritually concerning motives and attitudes when you are receiving seeds from people.

Some seeds are used to try to manipulate a relationship between you and a person with ungodly intentions.  There are persons who think that you are gullible and don’t see their motives behind their giving.

Many use their finances, thinking it’s going to get you to open up your intimacy to them by allowing them to become close to you.  Don’t be greedy and gullible.

There are times when The Lord will tell you not to allow the people to sow into your life.

There are those who sow to manipulate the anointing on your life they give thinking it’s going to provoke you to release a word or to think it will control you.  These are DEMANDING SEEDS money, released to you to keep you at their disposal.  Meaning, they expect you to always be available to them anytime they want you.

Seeds can be good or bad, and you have to know when to receive and when to reject a seed.  The Lord will always protect you if you will listen to Him when He speaks.

Don’t just think that all money given is coming from a righteous source.  Some money comes with a curse attached to it.  Discern and know in this hour that satan plan is to kill steal and destroy.  Don’t let greed, need or necessity make you receive what God doesn’t want you to have.  He knows the heart of everyone so when He says don’t no or not this time listen and obey.

Christian Leadership 101

As a leader, I have learned that God sometimes requires me to shut the Prophet in me down, and won’t allow me to release a word of warning to a person I’m called to lead.  There are times that He says, “You can’t release a word to this person, because they are in a spiritual place of judgment or correction, because of some disobedience or rebellion or they have made a decision to do something that I warned them not to do.”

Sometimes I have had those whom I warned against a certain behavior or decision, to become stiff necked and hard hearted and will refuse to heed to the advice or warning I was instructed by the Spirit of The Lord to give them.  The hardest person to help when you’re in leadership, is the one who is a know it all, or is determined to do what they want to do.

The hardest part of being a leader, is when I see the destruction that’s heading in someone’s direction, and to hear God tell me that I can’t warn them anymore, or pray for the situation to overturn, because God says they have to experience this warfare as a lesson for their disobedience.

Leaders dealing with a combatant person, can be trying to you spiritually, and draining mentally, because everything you tell them is challenged.  They try to argue against what you say, because they don’t want to stop what they are doing.

I find the worst persons to deal with are gifted, but out of order.  They want to do what they want to do, because they’re “I’m anointed too,” persons.  Title happy with a gift, these persons feel like nobody can say anything to them, because they hear God too!  These persons are more of a danger to themselves, because often they are operating in their flesh and they hear from their own spirit, thinking it’s the Spirit of God talking to them.

They act out of the rebellion in their hearts and will justify their actions with the words, “God spoke to me.”  The problem with that is, what they say God spoke, goes against His word and nature.

As a leader, I must always follow the leading of The Lord in dealing with the people, so that I won’t get in the way of The Lord concerning their personal relationship with Him.

As a leader, you have to know when to intervene, and when you can’t get in the way of God’s will to bring the person to a place of obedience through His correction.  Yes our compassion, if we are not careful, will have us attempting to put our nose in God’s business, but through the years I have learned that I cannot fight with God.

The greatest love I could ever show to those whom I’m leading, is to allow them to learn the lessons necessary to humble them, teach them obedience, and to correct behavior and attitudes, that will cause destruction, trouble or chaos in their lives.

Sometimes even as a leader, you are not allowed to say or do anything concerning situations happening in a person life.  Some lessons are only learned through experiences.  And God knows what situation is necessary to be allowed to happen to make an impact enough to cause the person to turn.  Some won’t seek Him or hear Him without something that will drive them to Him!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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