Florida, Hear the Word of the LORD!

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Florida, Hear the Word of the LORD!

A Word of The LORD to Florida while in a vision of the LORD Jesus Chris.

“Oh Florida.  Florida, hear the Word of the LORD.  You have been a land of great wickedness and of drug trafficking and the killing of innocent blood.

I AM purging you and cleansing you by this storm.  It is a judgement from My hand not unto destruction but unto victory.

I have heard the cries of the many who have wept and repented and interceded before My Throne.

I AM cleansing you to make all things new.  Repent.  Repent and go deeper with My gift of repentance.

Turn to Me with fastings and weepings beyond any you have ever done.

Seek Me with all of your hearts and I will turn away your captivity from you.

You have been a state of iniquity.  I AM making you My state of glory.

America, you have been a nation of iniquity.  I AM making you to become a nation of glory for I have torn and I will heal, and I shall bring forth a flame of revival to you Florida.

This flame shall burn and burn and run up the eastern seaboard all the way to New York.

This flame of fire shall bring forth a wave of glory across this land.

I shall start there with you, Florida.  After this storm I shall bring forth restoration unto you.

Woe to the rebellious in My House who resist this move of My Spirit.  Repent or I shall remove you out of the way.

I AM releasing My Spirit of Glory to bring victory to My people, My Body and My nation, says the LORD.

Oh Florida, I have found a David and a Davidic company, that even now My angels are anointing, pouring a heavenly horn of the apostolic over their heads.

This shall birth forth a new move of apostolic grace that shall begin to raise up My glorious Apostolic Church in your state and your Nation.  Thus sayeth The LORD.”

(Given to His Apostle and servant Kevin Nugent on September 9 2017.)

Two Plans for the Storms

Saints, there are two plans in these storms.  The plan of the enemy ,which is kill steal and destroy and bring economic hardship and preempt what He wants to do in restoring this nation, through His intention to drain the swamp through Donald Trump and our prayers.

We as a nation need to repent for even allowing talks for peace in Israel that gives away land in Israel.

Many are saying it is witchcraft to pray against this storm, whiles others think they can presumptuously speak against it, without fasting, prayer, repentance and humbling ourselves before the LORD.

God’s intention is to bring restoration, revival and great awakening to our Nation.

The enemy wants to kill, steal and destroy and bring great economic hardship through what these storms bring.

Yesterday (9/7/17) I heard the LORD speak clearly that we could lessen this, but not totally stop it.

Florida and America are being spanked.  How does God do that?  He lifts his hand of protection.  He is allowing this, because He wants us to humble our selves and seek His face!

Let us pray for the protection of the innocent and poor and those who do not have the ability to flee.

The Good news is His people are praying more then ever right now let us not drop the ball, but continue to pray fast and repent after these things pass.


Kevin Nugent
An apostle of the LORD.

Kevin NugentKevin Nugent



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