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  1. Thank you Pastor June and greetinhs in Jesus Name. This prophecy has spoken to my life so powerfully and true. I am coming through a very painful divorce after almost 20yrs of mariage. The rejection, abuse, pain has been tremendous.  I was married to a pathological narcissisist who abused me and our children for years. And after all that he divorced me and remaŕried almost immediately.
    BUT God has been and continues to restore to me the joy of my salvation. He has been my Elshadai. He has restored me and covered my shame. He has provided financial, healed our wounded hearts and kept us under His wings blessed me and my children.

    Many times the enemy Will remind me of my rejected past and the pain I have gone through and try to pull me down.

    God is faithful. His word has reaffirmed to me His desire for me.

    To God be the Glory.


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