Following Noise of the Crowd

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Just Be A Servant!

I’m about to take the head off these ferocious demons.

You are not the Apostle of every Apostle and the Prophet to every Prophet.  You don’t Pastor everybody over in the world.

These title hungry people who need to feel important, you will not operate your witchcraft over true men and women by trying to make them bow to your made-up titles!

You trying to look important to others, but you only making people question who you are.

You running around calling yourself the chief apostle, first bishop, presiding prelate of the bathroom ministry.  No precious, you are the church janitor!

Why do we have to put a big name to whatever we do in the house of God?  Or put additions on what The LORD has called us into?

Just be a servant and call it a day!

Learn and Know the Location of the Enemy Camp!

Do you know where the demonic hub is in the region, over which you have been given jurisdiction?

Do you know the area where the spirits are sent out from, in your region?

The LORD told me tell the people to pinpoint the precise area of warfare in their region and direct your warfare toward there, because that’s the area that the demonic forces for that region, originates from.

Have you pinpointed the dominant area of sin and iniquity in your area of authority?

You have to fight on land, in the air, and on the sea!  Battle strategies are important and you need to know the opponents you are coming against.

Four spirits the Spirit of The LORD had me coming against:  Dagon, Molech, Astoreth and Canaanite!  Also, to separate the Jezebel – Ahab agreement.

Pray there are some prevalent spirits loosed in the land.  Learn their characteristics, behaviors, attributes, and the offspring of them, so that you can spot them no matter how they try to hide themselves in acts of religion.

Preparation is essential for this new shift of warfare, because you will be confronted personally by demonic forces.

Many of you, your presence will cause demonic manifestation and irritation to the enemy.  Don’t be surprised, as the spirits reveal themselves.

It’s time to command the enemy to come up and out!

Deliverance is about to hit the earth in mass proportions.

Make sure your altar workers, prayer warriors, intercessors and watchmen are in position spiritually, to handle what is about to be confronted and dealt with in the Body of Christ.

Pray – For The World Needs It!

I just came out of prayer this morning and the Spirit of The LORD moved.

He kept saying,  “Tell the people to pray the mind of Christ.”  He said,  “No more soulish selfish prayers, but let the Spirit pray!”

He said,  “Tell my people, no more rehearsed prayers, no more vain prayers.  It’s time to pray what is necessary and needful for this hour.”

I’m praying for today that The LORD will intervene and disrupt plans of murder violence reveling that satan planned for today.

I’m praying against terrorist attacks.  Asking God to invade the festivities today and let His glory appear and change lives hearts minds.

The Spirit of The LORD spoke and said,  “Rebuke the Nigerian witchcraft that is occurring in Africa.”

As I came out of prayer, I begin to research it and it has to do with accusations of witchcraft concerning children, where parents accuse their children of being witches, so they won’t have to take care of, or provide for, them.  They drive them out and abandon them.  They kill, torment, abuse, assault these children.

He had me praying for Turkey, Florida, Paris, Malaysia, and Texas, the coastline regions, rebuking and shutting down, blocking the entrance of marine spirits, covering those who will be at the beaches in prayer, that spirits won’t be able to invade and overtake and attach to them unaware, while they are playing and swimming surfing boating in the water.

I’m praying that God will intercede concerning hurricanes, that the enemy won’t destroy lives in Florida and along the east coast.

I’m praying for the intercessors, prayer warriors and watchmen, that they will be discerning and have precise instructions in prayer to pinpoint the strongman in a region and nation, so that they can be victorious completely and not just pray temporary relief by praying from their soul and not through the Spirit of God.

I’m praying for those going through mental and emotional turmoil, rebuking and binding attacks against the mind.  Warring against spirits of suicide and death, hopelessness, failure, discouragement.

It’s time to cry out on the altar before ELOHIM, for the church where souls will be won, errors corrected, and false doctrine destroyed.

I’m praying for musicians, praise and worship leaders, choirs.

I’m praying for the laborers to come out the four walls of the church and go into the highways and hedges and compel the people to come.

Yes people, it’s time to pray for the people to be strengthen, renewed, revived and restored.

We not passing out any more sugar cubes, but now it’s time for raw uncut uncompromising truth.  The Word of God released in this hour will cut to the bone!

It’s time the people need to be prepared for what’s to come and only the strong shall survive.  Get ready the move of God has started and it depends on how your relationship with God is as to whether you receive joy or or judgment!

Following Noise of the Crowd

The noise of the crowd has driven many to madness!

Those in positions that put them before the people, must be careful that they don’t allow the size of the crowd and the material benefits, to push them beyond the spiritual boundaries of character, integrity, honesty and honor.

If we are not careful, we will find ourselves becoming more inclined to listening to the cry of the people accolades and praise more than the voice of God that instructs and directs us.

Be careful that the people don’t push you pass the range of your assignment and have you – thus walking in titles beyond your calling, or doing works beyond your anointing and authority.

Lately, I am seeing more and more people acting on the cry of the people who tells them they should be walking in this position, or should be doing this work, or should be opening up this ministry, and they are moving on the voices of flesh, and carnality and finding themselves out on a limb that has not been ordained to hold them up.

Too many fatal mistakes and unwise decisions are made because of leaders hearing the people cry for a king.

They open up ministries, because the people say they need them to help develop them spiritually.  Then, when they open the ministry, they stay for a few weeks, then leave, because somebody new has come to town, or they move to different regions because they have a good revival conference etc.  The crowd seems drawn to them and the people say, we need you in this region to help, and as soon as they move, the same people who said if you come, we will be with you to help with the vision, are gone, when the real work begins.

We can’t make decisions on the cry of the people, because people will be excited, because of the anointing and attracted to the gift.  But beyond that, they don’t want the commitment, dedication or labor connected to a vision.

At this moment, they will cry, “Give us your Wisdom, Knowledge and Love,” but when the reality of the situation sets in they will abort leave or disconnect from you.

We must only follow the plans directions and instructions of God.  No matter how good it looks, how successful it may seem, if it’s not God’s plan for your life, it may seem good but it’s eventually going to bring trouble, heartache and pain, because it’s not the calling the place or the people you are assigned to.

Never make a decision based on the opinion of others always make sure your decisions are directed by The LORD!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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