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Forced to Do Wrong? — 2 Comments

  1. President Obama is not a Muslim and never was a muslim.  He is a born again Christian.  He confessed Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour.  Why you guys don’t take time to reseach a person before judging him… The man love God and he love people.  He may not be at the level you exspect him to be, but he is saved and love God.  If you will only reach out to him and show the love of Christ, may be he will grow closer to Christ.  I voted for Obama base of issues that are important to me and God… He care about the poor, elderly, disabled, the sick, fatherless and strangers… God talk more about these things than anything else.

  2. wow… I will definitely be praying more about my vote now that I’ve read this.  and here i was thinking i’d vote AGAINST Obama by voting for Romney… I didn’t realize he was a Mormon and all the things that you have brought out in this word today.  I just flippantly thought I’d be voting against Obama… didn’t realize till now that I’d still be voting FOR something.  So back to the prayercloset!

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