Four Horses Running – the Fifth to Come!!


Oh look and see the Lamb with Seven eyes and also the Seven horns; bloody from the terrible wounds, rising up now in power.  Look back and study his falling, down to even the grave; yet once again rising victorious to meet the challenging day!  Watch Him as he gains the throne, sitting down in Victory over all the devils works, yet now see Him take the little sealed book held in His Fathers hands.

Who is Worthy goes forth a Cry, Who in all the Heavens and Earth?  None other than the exalted Lamb completed and moving in the perfect seven.  See Him as they celebrate, worship and praise HIM; He who is alone WORTHY TO OPEN UP THE SEALS.  Oh, Praise God finally, Finally the Only One Who is Worthy!!!… See the Only One Worthy to open the book! He is worthy because of his Eternal Work done to destroy all sin and to deliver all touched by that wicked plan!

As he opened the first seal and see a Horse running; on his back a rider dresses in White with a Crown.  He appears to all as one most righteous and many they are deceived, but if you look again there is in his hand a Bow with no ammunition.  Where are the Arrows someone said?  Who would go to battle with an empty gun?  Why he must NOT be the One who is true righteousness; pure and worthy, to ride a beautify White Stallion.  Oh he goes about conquering and to conquer, but his crown is a fake crown; a crown placed upon his very head by himself in pride, not reward.  He must not be the righteous One at all but only a Spirit of an anti-God, usurping power he really does not have and certainly he is not righteous.  Evil and wicked he is A spirit who mimics one to come running with permission now, but only in spirit land.  Many are fallen down now deceived by his white appearance and crown; never to rise again a victim of his folly.

But watch as another runs, as the Lamb continues to work, opening yet the Second Seal; He enters further toward the contents of the Book.  Immediately as this seal breaks, Oh look another horse walking in anger; seeing red he moves to take peace from the Earth.  A rider upon his back dressed in Red to match his steed, stirring up strife every where… causing men to fight other men, thus making terrible war.  Oh the fallen, see them lie dead, in the aftermath of destruction!  Never again will men be the same as hatred grows and grows.  Peace, Oh where have you gone?  A cry goes forth; Somewhere lost in the Red Shadow of the Red Horse and Rider.  Destruction and misery follow him a Sword in the Land.  Oh how terrible a price to pay, no more Peace again.

The Lamb once again anxious to get to the inner workings and writings; to read the contents of the little book sealed with seven seals before entering, opened the Third.  Another horse now runs out from the breaking of the seal and this time even worse than the two preceeding.  Black as night casting even a darker shadow, see him running with great speed.  Oh the one on is back is most darkly shadowed.  Fierce and mencing for sure, notice he takes the balance in his hand and disrupts its accurecy, changing the very settings to deceive the many.  Evil and hording and even wickedly stealing from men, he deceives them out of their days earnings paying less and less.  Hear men crying in his strown pathway, Crying out for Want.  Not enough money at the end of the day to buy daily necessity.  Sunken eyes and malnutricion, watch them cry out!  Not enough to eat for sure; sapping their very strength.  Famine hits every where, every where he runs, this ever so dreaded Black Horse.

Four Living Creatures, most unusual and beautiful, watching seeing, yet Praising the God for whom they serve.  Pointing out these terrible Horses and the dreaded riders tall and wicked.  Hear their wings so loud and mighty, hear them as they praise Him.  Listen as the reveal the terrible beginnings to the little Book.

Yet again the Lamb draped in a Victors Robe, reaches forth his hand again to break another seal.  The fourth time he reaches, thinking, Father you sealed this Book tightly, when will I finally see what is written within?  This time a even yet worse horse appears and Oh is rider a ghostly sight, Pale and anaemic, most depressing and Sick.  Capitolizing upon the wake of the forerunners, he brings even more hurt.  Kill, he does, with the Sword of death, slinging the victims into Hell.  He laughs with a grewsome laugh as each hits the fires of Hell.  He has power in his hand over a quarter of all men on earth with kill and starve to death; the stench of Death is his marking and even followed by the creatures of death, see him wreck misery every time his four feet stomp the Earth.

Two thousand some odd years now these seals have been breaking, and still He who is the Lamb has more to open.

Reaching forth now his hand I see him take in hand the fifth, breaking it crisply, hoping to see within the Book.  Oh no! He said I see yet two more, there must be something very great contained within this little Book.  The seal now broken, Oh look and see the many slain.  Why are they slain?  I hear the answer come back, for the Word of God and their Testimony of it… they have been killed or lived their life upon Earth.  Again he beheld that mighty crowd and said, they should be dressed in White!  Surely they do deserve to wear White after all they have been through, so see them so mighty, NOW DRESSED IN WHITE.

A great cry goes forth, Oh listen to their Cry!  HOW LONG, OH LORD, HOW LONG? WILL WE YET WAIT TO SEE THE EVIL ONE BROUGHT DOWN?  I hear your cry, Oh Valiant Ones, says the Lamb, remember I too did suffer at his hand.  Yet, we must wait for many more to yet suffer.  Sorry to say it is not over yet for there remains two more seals and time has not yet come to judge him, him who is most wicked for sure.  I will yet judge him.  His time is coming and he cannot escape Revelation twenty ten.

I hear him say as He (the Holy Lamb) looks forward to the remaing two seals…. You stand this day crying out, How Long Jesus will it be before the opening of the Sixth one?  On the doorstep, you ARE for sure He says, You are on the very doorstep… for in Heavens time I will reach forth my hand to open number SIXXXXXXXXX…. Hold On he says, I hear him say because after that men small and great, men of every rank, will run to hide in the rocks to attempt to escape ME.  I see that after number seven SOMETHING EVEN NEEDED AWAITS, to finish the course and bring in the final Victory……..

I move now to dress and prepare the FIFTH HORSE.  He is a Horse of Grace Just like the number five; In Grace I wait to open the final two.  I wait and long for the Loosing of my beautiful Wite Stallion.  He stomps the ground and hungers so to make that final march.  I am coming after the number Seven to judge and to Conquer, to subdue the final enemy.  I am coming for sure when the time is right, to have more grace to help those who need help.  I am coming to take full control and to reign for 1000 years over all who stand upon the earth; to be the King of Kings before them.

I do not know how much longer I can put him off, He is stomping the ground.  His excitement grows every day in anticipation of that Entrance.  Yes, VICTORY’S ENTRANCE when EVERY EYE WILL SEE HE AND I RIDING IN THE SKY!!  I can not hold him back much longer, so I must hurry to OPEN 6 AND 7!!

NOTE:  Compare this with Matthew 24:1-13  and 27-28

Prophet Ken Dewey photo

Evangelist/Prophet/Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder of “OUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES” in Belen, New Mexico, USA.  He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words, Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry.


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