Prayers for Generational Curses


The following prayers are from the book “Free at Last – Breaking Generational Curses” by Pastor Larry Hutch.

Many of us are under Generational Curses and Generational Bondage to the enemy.  Blaming others for our present difficult situations or inappropriate life style, is not constructive – if is not a matter of flesh – it is a spiritual matter which much be corrected with spiritual weapons.  But first, we need to accept responsibility for our own issues so we can start to fix them.  The first prayer asks God to come and help.

Father God,

I come to You in the name of Jesus.  I admit that my life is messed up.  I know You are not pointing a finger to condemn me, but You are reaching our Your hand to help me.  On my own, I can’t change, but through Your strength and power I can Change.  I open the door to my heart now to all You want to do in my life.  Thank you for a new beginning.

God has equipped us with the means to end generational curses and get ourselves and our families out of bondage to Satan.  But first we need to accept Jesus as our Lord and saviour.  This prayer breaks the bondage.

Father God,

I come before You in the mane and in the power of Your Son, Jesus.  I admit that I am a sinner, and I ask You to forgive me of all my sins.  Jesus, come into my heart and make me a new person.  Change me from the inside out and mould me into whom you want me to be.  Father, as You gave Your Son’s life for me, I give my life to You.

Right now, I break every family curse and every generational curse on my life.  I plead the blood of Jesus Christ over my mind, my spirit, and my body.  I break every yoke and every bondage from my past, and I sever those ties through the power of the blood of Jesus.

I  declare my freedom right now.  I claim my liberty right now.  I claim all that has been lost to be restored to me right now.  Fill me Lord, with Your love, Your peace, Your joy and Your victory.
Thank You.  In Jesus name, Amen.

Once we have broken the generational curses on our lives we need to reverse the curse and heal ourselves and our relationships with others and society.  Being set free means nothing if we do not exercise that freedom and acknowledge to ourselves that we are changed and have a new life – are reborn.

Dear Lord,

You know all the situations I have been through in my life.  You know all the wounds and hurts I have carried.  And I know you care about everything which has happened to me in my past.  But I realise You care more about what happens to me in my future.  Today,  am deciding to let go of my past – all the hurts, disappointments, bitterness, hatred, anger, unforgiveness and vengeance.  I repent of it all, and I close the door of my mind to it today.  I choose this day to walk only in forgiveness, love and kindness.

Lord, fill my heart with Your supernatural joy and peace.  Give me Your supernatural ability and wisdom to think and act in a godly way.  My past is behind me.  My future is in front of me.  Thank You for all You’re going to do in me, for me and through me.

In Jesus name I pray.  Amen.

Now we are on the way to recovery we need to lavish love on those whom in the past, have hurt us.  To forgive that we may receive forgiveness.  Forgivness is a matter of will and for many, it needs the help of the Lord to fully forgive.  Forgiving ones self, is often the hardest part.

Dear Lord,

I realise how important it is for me to keep a right heart toward You and toward people, so I ask You to forgive me for any bitterness, strife, contention, jealousy, anger, unforgiveness, gossiping or slandering which has been in my life.  Today, with Your help and strength, I am going to walk in love, kindness, peace, joy and patience.  From this day forward, I choose to have Christlike attitudes, no matter what comes my way.  I know You forgive and love me in spite of all my flaws, and I choose to forgive and love all of those in my life in spite of their flaws.  From glory to glory, You’re changing each one of us.

Thank You, Lord.  In Jesus name, Amen.

Finally, we need to seek the Lord for healing to take away all pain of the wounds we have suffered, from rejection and abandonmnet.

Dear Lord,

Release Your healing now.  Wash me from the inside to the outside.  Father, I break the curse of low-esteem.  I break the curse of rejection.  I break the curse of abuse.  I break the curse of mental torment.  I break the curse of feeling as though I am not good enough.  Father, I break the curse of verbal abuse, physical abuse and sexual abuse.  I break them right now in the name of Jesus.  From this day forward, I forbid Satan and his lies from taking root in my life.  Now, Lord, by Your Spirit, sweep across my life in divine healing.

Thank You, Lord.  In Jesus name, Amen.

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The Book:-   “Free At Last (Expanded W/ Study Guide On CD)image icon
by Pastor Larry Hutch.

Prayers extracted from pp.  186,  196,  206,  218,  282

Larry Hutch Ministries
Larry Hutch is the founder and senior pastor of DFW New Beginnings in Irving, Texas. Founded in November, 2004, this non-denominational church has quickly developed into a diverse, multi-ethnic congregation of several thousand people!  Pastor Larry and his wife Tiz are driven by a passionate commitment to see people succeed in every area of life. That passion, along with their enthusiasm, genuine love for people, and effective teaching has fuelled a ministry which spans over thirty years and two continents.


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