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  1. “Misinterpreting — this is a big one for those who are learning to discern.  God’s ways are often different than ours, and the prophetic ministry is designed to help us grow and mature.  It requires us to understand how to test a prophetic word and learn to interpret it.”
    God’s ways are not often different than ours. They are always different than ours.
    I will not be found to have a spirit of criticism but it must be totally clear to every true believer in Christ that God NEVER speaks in riddles or parables to His obedient children.
    If there is something received, in a dream, vision or audibly heard in the spirit and which one does not immediately has a revelation and deep understanding of then it is NOT from the Holy Spirit.
    God speaks in riddles and parables to the multitudes, which means that a false spirit can do the same, but a false spirit can never speaks in the way that gives immediately divine understanding.
    God also speaks in the way that what He has revealed before will, fit perfectly into the next thing He reveal.
    Because He is building us to be an individual Holy temple and each revelation piece will fit into next like a perfect puzzle.
    Exactly for the reason that God’s ways and thoughts are higher than our ways, no kind of learning to interpret can be done and every such claim is from an antichrist (“instead of Christ”) spirit.

  2. This was a great word! Sometimes we hear God and don’t know what to do with what we heard…but this word gives understanding!
    Thank you!

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