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  1. Psalms 1:3 is something i pray almost each day.
    Speaking against procrastination lately also…
    Just asking for discernment and direction…
    Have a Blessed Day…

  2. Hey Kelley,

    I think I started following your messages last summer. I was drawn to the warmth, encouragement and how you would speak from the level of people who are hurting. I was very unhappy back then and quite hopeless and many things were not working. I had been like that for years.

    Anyway reading your messages have been very uplifting and elating. Often I’m moved to tears.

    Interestingly, I remember reading at the turn of the year how “things will not be the same this year. You won’t be worn at the end.” To be honest, I’m always worn. But oddly enough that changed even though I started a very demanding teaching job. Also, I remember reading about the girl who would skip over the little ball thet would come to her feet. Those spoke of the problems that come our way in time. That is exactly what happened to me. Life’s problems are Manageable and dealt with as they come.

    Currently, I’m wondering if I should continue with my current teaching job or should I continue on to work with younger students. However, I suspect that the Lord wishes for me to learn something unrelated to work. Just not sure what it is yet. :)

    the best,
    Markus Korpela

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