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Getting to Know The Author — 4 Comments

  1. Amen. So true. As I’m reading this my heart is filled with sorrow. What you say is absolutely true. The devil knew the love God has for us that is why he didn’t want to lose any time by causing Adam and Eve to disobey God. He knew that was the only way to disconnect us from our Heavenly Father and lose the blessing that God has for us. But, praise be to our God. He made a way again for us by sending His beloved son to bridge that chasm and reconcile us back to our God. Glory to His wonderful name.

  2. Dear brother Angus, dear sister Jill, thank you for sharing this important task. Thank you for serving your brothers and sisters. Thank you all at HKP !

    • Dear Marion,

      It is always our pleasure to serve The LORD and our fellow brothers and sisters.

      Thank you for being such a staunch supporter.

      Blessings in Christ to you and all of yours,

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