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  1. this is a word that is plaesing and true a word from the Lord that has already begun of that I am assured deep within.. I add to this a caution that has been given to me.. I beleive it is so that none may fall short or miss this move upon the earth .. Do not alow a spirit of deception to speak to your minds or hearts that says, I have begun in any one place or another first or, I have used another over you to bring all things together that shall pass.. a comment that I placed in reply to another important prophetic word on anothers posting is in line with this word and I beleive may speak to some as encouragement.. Thank Veronika you for your humbleness as you speak forth and release a new thing, trusting as always that it is from God…  (I have coppied and pasted my comment on anothers posting)

    My spirit man however has called to the deep that is within me and cautioned that it is not about an individual Town, City, Person or Place where it is said this happened or that happened first, but to show that this new thing I do has started.. I beleive that he is saying to me that I am the great I am and no man shall come before my father but by my spirit .. I have gone before all nations and all man kind.. there shall be no one greater than another in these days for I have had the victory , I will takeback what is mine and release to some some greater gifts than to others, it shall be that all of man may see that it is I who has poured out in greater measure the things that you shall now witness in these days…It is for the fufillment of things that my Father has already done. Whilst having shown great mercy there shall appear to be burning coals and great lakes of fire cast upon the selfish, the deceitful and the wiked who have courted , mocked and adulterated my word ,turning it into somthing other than that for which it was sent.. The children of God shall know this shaking and awakening was birthed by the very crys of those who have been abandoned, beaten, mocked and left for dead ,also those who have remained faithfull and true or turned from wikedness and prayed with rememberence of the marganalized and least of my people.. Be at the ready now as this new storm continues to rage on all sides but also be still as it is my legions advancing.. come all who are weary , come all who are thirsty, come all who are called do not do as you have done in rebellions past.. But come now Come Come just as you are… Some of you may misunderstand his ways but do not have fear or hold back , This unconditional Love is Holy and Pure….

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