God Has Need of You!


I Prophesy:  As we see the powers of darkness increase in this hour, so shall there be an increase, acceleration and manifestation of a greater glory in the earth.

Watch!  For the radiance of his light is now breaking forth upon the nations!

Watch!  For his supernatural power, greater authority, signs, wonders and miracles will now suddenly begin to take place across the whole earth.

See, feel!  For the winds of change are now blowing upon us, look!  For here comes the unstoppable and unquenchable fires of heaven moving swiftly across the nations of the earth, fear not!   For there are no powers of evil that can hinder or diminish its sudden and unexpected arrival.

Do you hear it?  There is a sound of rattling that can be heard deep in the realms of the spirit!  Do you see them?

There is mighty army now rising from the valley of dry bones.  New and greater life is now manifesting upon the earth.  The powers of hell cannot stand against the power and might of these fearless freedom fighters.  Fixed, focused and filled with heavenly fire, not one is deterred or distracted by the schemes of the enemy.

Their great power, strength, skill and stealth comes from being deeply rooted and established in Christ Jesus alone, in their frailty and weaknesses his strength has been made perfect in and through them.

Watch!  For the weapons of their warfare are not carnal but powerful to the pulling down of every stronghold and demonic structure in the nations.

I call these the radical ones, having been anointed and appointed by God with the mandate to push back, overthrow and overtake every power of death and destruction in the land.

No!  For they do not war in the realms of doubt, fear and timidity but they war in the realms of supernatural faith, courage and humility.

Watch!  With the sword in their mouths they are wise with their words speaking forth life, liberty and victory.

Yes!  Yes!  They walk in the shoes of peace and prosperity.  They command the angels to come and to go.  They love not their own lives even unto death.

These are the glory carriers of heaven mantled to release new life, healing, hope and manifest promise to all four corners of the earth.

Watch!  For the Spirit of Wisdom, Revelation and the Fear of the LORD goes before them making straight their paths.  Nothing is hidden from their sight.  Even darkness is light to them, for divine illumination reveals new and clear pathways in the spirit realm.

These are the holy and set apart ones.

Watch!  For they are accelerated and motivated by the spirit of might and power, called to do great exploits, for the Kingdom of Heaven is now advancing.

I Decree:   These are the brave hearts of Heaven.  They move with great accuracy and pin point precision.

satan and his cohorts flee in terror in a thousand different directions when these mighty carriers of Heaven’s Fire step into their territories, for they know that they cannot stand against the force and powers of the Spirit of Unity and Agreement in their ranks.

Listen!  I hear the sound of great victory and jubilee rising up across the nations of the earth.

Are you ready to take your place on the battle field?  Are you ready to occupy and establish the Kingdom of Heaven in this hour?

God has need of you!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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