God Heals!  My Personal Testimony


On April 8, 2012, I became very ill and unable to eat anything.  For all of April and most of May, I could not manage more than a soda cracker or two at a time.  In the middle of May I went to see my Doctor to find out why.

She sent me for an ultrasound, blood work etc.  The tests came back showing I had a gall bladder full of stones, a mass on the pancreas, and also a 2″ [5cm] nodule on the adrenal gland.  She sent me to see a Surgeon, within two days.  He looked at the test results and began talking about surgery and more tests.

I had already made plans to attend a Conference in Redding with a friend of mine and everything was already paid for.  Our plans were to go from May 26-28 [2012], so as to be there on Pentecost Sunday.  So I told the Surgeon I was going out of town and would be back in one week to complete the tests.  I went to the Conference as planned, and on the Saturday, my friend and I visited the Healing Rooms at the church, where I requested prayer.

I was feeling okay, but had not eaten for almost two months.  The friend I went with, wanted to eat lunch on Saturday after our visit to the Prayer Room, so we went to Olive Garden Restaurant.  I ordered Chicken Alfredo, and I ate almost all of it.  It was amazing.  I still felt good and we went back to the hotel, rested, and then went to the House of Prayer, for the rest of the evening.  I slept well that night and went to two services before coming home Sunday.  It was an amazing trip and we experienced God in an amazing way.

At home, late on Monday, I called the Surgeon to do the follow-up tests to find out more before discussing surgery.  He had me come in on Tuesday and I went for the CT Scan the Surgeon wanted.

Two days later, the Doctor called and said they found nothing wrong at all!  The gall bladder was normal, the pancreas was normal!.  They found nothing, and I would not be having any surgery!

I did tell my Doctor why I was fine, and where I had been and what I had done.  Simply this, “I went up for prayer” and God healed me.  She just said, “That was some powerful prayer!”

The Surgeon did not call me, but he wrote me a letter and told me my pancreas looked great, and that was all he had to say about that.

I give God praise, as He is the Healer, He deserves the praise.  I was so happy of  course.    I went to the hospital and asked for copies of my original diagnosis and the test results, as I wanted to send the results with my testimony to the Church where I went for prayer.

Praise be to God alone for the miracles He still does.

My Friends, I never tire of sharing this testimony –  it is good to tell what God is doing, many need to hear and find hope and faith to believe.


~ Gail Manizak

Gail ManizakGail Manizak
of The Power and Presence Ministry, is all about encouraging the Body of Christ as a Ministry of Intercession and contending for our communities, as a House of Prayer.



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