God is Doing a Deep Work!


A God Encounter!

I want to encourage you, to never give up even though the heavens might feel like brass and that you feel that you are not breaking through.  For we do not walk by sight or feelings but by faith in the promises of God. He said He would reward those who diligently seek Him.

I have a dear friend in the LORD.  When we first met it was at her water baptism and the LORD used me to wash her feet.  Yes, that was the beginning of our relationship over twenty years ago.  The enemy has fought us hard trying to break us up because he knows that we are a threat to His kingdom the calling we have on our lives together.

I believe the LORD has called me to minister to the “hard cases”.  And if anyone has ever been a “hard case” it is me!  And my dear friend also has had a real hard time overcoming rejection.  The LORD brought us together where we made a commitment to seek Him for intimacy and breakthrough, and all hell broke lose.  The church split and she moved away but we have kept in contact weekly for many years working through many situations and praying.

The enemy has hit us hard this month but we never give up on God’s faithfulness and God blesses us.  Each time the enemy attacks we draw closer together and with Him!  Today was an awesome breakthrough we had together with the LORD.

I remember saying that we need to be still and know that He is God, that we need to rest and not strive, to slow down and quit working so hard because that is religious works.  Even though your heart is right if you are doing anything for the Kingdom of God in the flesh it is religion!!!

Before I knew it I could feel the presence of the LORD upon me and I heard His voice speak through me to my friend saying to just receive His love, to slow down and quit running, to just settle down.  It was God speaking to her spirit man bypassing her thoughts and emotions.

He spoke right to her heart and she was able to receive His love and I know He did a deep work in her, and also it increased my faith to be a part of this God encounter!  We both experienced the fire of His love where we felt heat across our chest, back and stomach!!! And it lingered for a good while.

I believe the LORD is saying these things to His people. He is saying to quit striving, to rest, to receive His love, to quit working so hard, and to be still and know that He is God.  He wants to bring down the dam that is blocking His love flowing through us.

He is setting His bride free to be able to minister deep to those who need to be set free.  And also He says to love in those situations where it looks like you are having wrong done against you.

Love believes the best in others even though it looks the opposite.  Be on guard to the snares the enemy sets up to bring offense to divide the brethren, but most of all the enemy uses offense to loose demons against others.

It is almost like loosing a curse upon those we love causing them to come under torment.  God is doing a mighty work teaching us things we think we should already know.

It is by dying to the flesh that we receive life and to be able to release resurrection life to others.  Be blessed this day!


~  Yolanda Ballard

Yolanda BallardYolanda Ballard of At The Father’s Feet website, shares with you, the body of Christ, the words she’s received quietly sitting at the Father’s feet. I believe Jesus set the example for us to follow. Whenever He could He would come apart from the busyness of the world so that He could quiet Himself before the Father, for that is where He received direction and strength to carry out His will.

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