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God is in Control at the Beautiful Gate — 3 Comments

  1. Dear Syreeta

    I thank the Lord for the word that He blessed you with as the scripture in the word has blessed my heart I have had that scripture speak to me personally many times coming off welfare, unemployment to starting and operating my own business from living out of the car with the kids to owning my own home and other property.  I don’t forget from where He has brought me to however like the man who sat by the pool for over 38 years I have been a single mom with kids now grown waiting for the man that God has for me for over 24years.  Last week at work on Thursday I was crying thought out the day for the utter exhaustion wishing that I could just drop into that guys arms to take over.  I am so done with life looking and feeling like work as I have taken my responsibilities to the max and have no concept of how to have FUN in life.  I am believing for so many things to change and the Lord brings to my heart the woman with the issue of blood who spent all she had and the time it took 12years, Joseph dong 14 years in jail, the man by the pool 38 years I guess it gives me hope when all hope is lost at times and I feel like throwing in the towel with exhaustion.  Thank you I trust that this word was for me as it speaks to my heart and I will take time to print it out

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