Declarations & Decrees: God is Protecting His People!

Declarations and Decrees: God is protecting His people on all sides; Rest, peace and restoration belong to the children of God.


I write these decrees in the Name of Jesus Christ and in His authority and through His power.

The Angelic troops stand ready to dispatch these decrees to the heavenly realms to the rulers, and authorities, and to post in the King’s Palace (Revelations 2-3, Ephesians 3:10, Esther 8:10,13).

  • We decree and declare GOD IS LEADING HIS PEOPLE in an unknown way.
    God’s path is not the familiar or the easy way.
    It is the WAY that will STRENGTHEN you and bring you into CLOSE COMMUNION with the Lord your God!
  • We declare He will LEAD YOU in the day and the night; His PRESENCE COVERS YOU.
    DO NOT FEAR for He protects you through the tempest and the battle.
  • We decree YOU WILL LOOK UP to see the Glory of the Lord God Almighty!
    You will not fear, for the Lord is SAVING YOU FROM YOUR ENEMIES!
    Do not focus on them, but FOCUS ON THE MIGHTY ONE, THE GOD OF ISRAEL!
  • We declare the Lord is GLORIFYING HIMSELF at the expense of the enemy, those who battle against His People.
    Holy Spirit is always on the move to PROTECT you from those who would cause you harm.
    We degree a hedge of protection around all who are in need.
  • We declare and decree the Lord SAFEGUARDS our assigned portion, our share that He has given each within His Kingdom.
  • We declare WE ARE CONTENT in the LOVE, SALVATION and INHERITANCE provided by our Father in Heaven.
  • We bless the Lord our God, who is our COUNSELOR; at night He instructs our inmost being.
    We ALWAYS SET THE LORD before us; with Him at our right hand, WE CANNOT BE MOVED.
  • We decree OUR HEARTS ARE GLAD, our glory rejoices, and our bodies too REST IN SAFETY; for our God will not abandon us.
    The Lord makes us KNOW THE PATH OF LIFE, in His Presence is unbounded joy, in His right hand ETERNAL DELIGHT.
  • We decree and declare the LAW and COMMANDMENTS of the Lord are perfect, RESTORING THE INNER PERSON. His instructions are sure, making wise the thoughtless.
  • We declare the FEAR OF THE LORD is clean, enduring forever.
    The rulings of the Lord are TRUE, they are RIGHTEOUS altogether.
    Through them the People of God is warned; in obeying them there is great REWARD!
  • We declare a CLEANSING and UNIFYING of the people of this land as these decrees go forth.

In the name of King Jesus Christ, empowered and led of the Holy Spirit of God, we dispatch the Angelic troops, throughout this land and in the spirit realm, to deliver these decrees to all, both flesh and spirit.

The enemy, the principalities and powers, have no authority to act against these decrees of our King, the Lord God Almighty; their actions will be of no effect to God’s chosen ones, but will be turned back on themselves for destruction.

The Lord God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, we praise Your Name for You are True and Faithful and Just to perform it.  Amen!

“Now when Pharaoh had let the people go, God did not lead them by the way of the land of the Philistines, even though it was near; for God said, “The people might change their minds when they see war, and return to Egypt.”
Hence God led the people around by the way of the wilderness to the Red Sea; and the sons of Israel went up in martial array from the land of Egypt…..
….. Then they set out from Succoth and camped in Etham on the edge of the wilderness. The Lord was going before them in a pillar of cloud by day to lead them on the way, and in a pillar of fire by night to give them light, that they might travel by day and by night. He did not take away the pillar of cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by night, from before the people…..
….. But Moses said to the people, “Do not fear! Stand by and see the salvation of the Lord which He will accomplish for you today; for the Egyptians whom you have seen today, you will never see them again forever. The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent.”
Then the Lord said to Moses, “Why are you crying out to Me? Tell the sons of Israel to go forward.  As for you, lift up your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it, and the sons of Israel shall go through the midst of the sea on dry land. As for Me, behold, I will harden the hearts of the Egyptians so that they will go in after them; and I will be honored through Pharaoh and all his army, through his chariots and his horsemen. Then the Egyptians will know that I am the Lord, when I am honored through Pharaoh, through his chariots and his horsemen.”
The angel of God, who had been going before the camp of Israel, moved and went behind them; and the pillar of cloud moved from before them and stood behind them. So it came between the camp of Egypt and the camp of Israel; and there was the cloud along with the darkness, yet it gave light at night. Thus the one did not come near the other all night,”
Exodus 13:17-18, 20-22; 14:13-20.

“The Lord is the portion of my inheritance and my cup; You support my lot.  The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me.  I will bless the Lord who has counseled me; indeed, my mind instructs me in the night.  I have set the Lord continually before me; because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.  Therefore my heart is glad and my glory rejoices; my flesh also will dwell securely.  For You will not abandon my soul to Sheol; nor will You allow Your Holy One to undergo decay.  You will make known to me the path of life; in Your presence is fullness of joy; in Your right hand there are pleasures forever,”   Psalm 16:5-11.

“The law of the Lord is perfect, restoring the soul; the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple.  The precepts of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart; the commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes.  The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever; the judgments of the Lord are true; they are righteous altogether.  They are more desirable than gold, yes, than much fine gold; sweeter also than honey and the drippings of the honeycomb. Moreover, by them Your servant is warned; in keeping them there is great reward,”   Psalm 19:7-11.


~ Dawn Flores

Dawn FloresDawn Flores has been involved in the LORD’s lay ministry since 1971, volunteering, attending prayer meetings and growing in understanding of Hebrew Scriptures.  in 2015 she began to receive greater revelations from the LORD and increased her networking in WA, USA and BC, Canada.  She began a Facebook group for intercession and encouragement and started the Washington State Revival Network to facilitate communications between congregations and encourage individuals to visit groups experiencing REVIVAL.
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